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  1. krake61

    A.I. Tyre Strategy = YOKE

    I'm always 100%-Races on Legend (96). In Australia some AI-Drivers use die Soft for 3 Stints an in die 36. Round come the Chance to Medium. This is really stupid. My new Career (startet with 1.16) shows me a very weak Jos Verstappen and a strong Alex Albon. Why.
  2. krake61

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Must be started a new a career to get all these updates? Especially the midseason-transfers ...
  3. krake61

    Monaco with Gamepad ...

    ... the total Horror. It's just not possible for me to make a round without a damage. If the tyres loose grip, the Hotel Harpin (Loews) Turn is not to complete. If I remember Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix Series (more than 20 Years old), with a much better driving experience.
  4. krake61

    Race starts

    Hi, turn the Traction Control (Driver Assists) from Full to Middle and you will see ... it works!
  5. krake61

    Bin völlig frustiert

    Spiele auf Stärke 75, was im Rennen (trocken) auch gut funktioniert, aber beim Start verliere ich, obwohl ich mit Unterstützung starte, jedesmal 5-6 Plätze im Regen geht gar nix, darüber hinaus komme ich seit Patch 1.05 im Regenrennen überhaupt nicht mehr vorwärts, ich verliere in jeder Runde 2-3 Sec. Spass macht dieses Spiel mittlerweile nicht mehr. Spiele übrigens auf Xbox 1 mit dem Controller.
  6. krake61

    Frustrated New Player F1 2019

    https://realsport101.com/f1/ One of the best websites for track guides and setup. If you use the a controller, not a steering wheel, set the linearity to 30 or higher, then the steering ist not so nervous.
  7. krake61

    F1 2019 damages AI drivers

    Still the same like in 2018 and 2017. despite objects flying away, but the ai-controlled cars continue best times round for round.
  8. One forgotten question: Is there a need to start a new career after the updates?
  9. On the Xbox is unfortunately no update, no 1.04 and no 1.05 please be so friendly and call an appointment, thanx