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    I've started a career with the 5th best Team (McLaren) and shall score 32 Point in 2 Races? Unrealistic and impossible !!!!
  2. krake61


    i only want realistic team-aim. too less difficulty makes no fun.
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    Monaco in the rain with gamepad. I am completely frustrated. The curve of the Loews is not mobile, no matter what I do, tight, far, always I drive against the wall. Why do you have to frustrate the players with Gamepad so. I'm not a very good driver, and I need some driving aids, but with a traction control there no chance to pass the loews
  4. krake61


    I give up. Total Surrender. Monaco ist not possible to drive for me. I'm total frustated an I give up. Thanx for you help, but this game ist wasted money for me. F1 2019 was my first and my last game from codemasters.
  5. krake61

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Allow players to integrate cars/carsets from users in their careers.
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    @sloppysmusic Have you played Geoff Crammond's Grand Prix Games? I've loved this games. Especially with Steve Young's Editor and all the wonderful carsets which could be downloaded. That's what I'm missing in codemaster f1.
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    AI in qualy is just pathetic

    Totally agree. Im my career (95 / 100 % Race), for example Austria, the AI Driver takes for 3 Stints the Soft Tires. Only for the 4th Stint they use the medium. This is really embarrassing for a F1 Simulation.
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    Yes, i mean Harpin (former Loews Hotel Corner)
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    Thanx for the support. But I find out, that one the major problem is the driver aid "traction control". When i turn off these aid, the loews turn in much easier. But i think, the game must work with the driver aids, too.
  10. krake61


    Thanks. I will try it.
  11. krake61


    Yes, i think so. In the setting 360 degrees. For setups i'm using realsport. See the link: https://realsport101.com/tag/f1-2019-setup-guide/
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    Great. I'm born in 1961. In the Past (GP1-3) i've used a wheel, but with the xbox in the living room it's not possible.
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    Thanx, for helping. I've played Geoff Crammonds Grand Prix 1 - 3 with enthusiasm. Sorry, I'm not the youngest Player. F1 2019 is my first game from Codemasters (XBox One). Graphic ist fantastic, the career mode needs some improvement, but it's ok. The Race-Strategy (100% Races) of AI needs some improvement, too. Difficult Mode ist 85 - 90, McLaren. In this Difficult Mode i manage the 3 - 6th place in Qualifying and Race. I think, that is very realistic. I have a lot in fun and no problems on the most racetracks, without Monaco, this track is real horror, if you're using the normal controller and I don't know, what I do wrong in the Loews Turn.
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    I've the right setting, I'm on the ideal line, but i always collide at the crash barriers, especially when the tires loose grip. I should not have bought the game, it's too hard for me. I don't know why it was so difficult, maybe it's fun to frustrate the players.
  15. krake61

    Team Failures

    I almost every Career Race i've got a failure of a Ferrari or Mercedes. This is too high und very unrealistic. I think, there is no need for so much gifts.
  16. krake61

    A.I. Tyre Strategy = YOKE

    I'm always 100%-Races on Legend (96). In Australia some AI-Drivers use die Soft for 3 Stints an in die 36. Round come the Chance to Medium. This is really stupid. My new Career (startet with 1.16) shows me a very weak Jos Verstappen and a strong Alex Albon. Why.
  17. krake61

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Must be started a new a career to get all these updates? Especially the midseason-transfers ...
  18. krake61

    Frustrated New Player F1 2019

    https://realsport101.com/f1/ One of the best websites for track guides and setup. If you use the a controller, not a steering wheel, set the linearity to 30 or higher, then the steering ist not so nervous.