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    Default Setups and Traction

    Are you sure? Less diff lock means more acceleration on throttle right? Regardless when you are still turning or allready on a straight line = losing the rear. So shouldn't it be the way around?
  2. Justinsj

    Default Setups and Traction

    Almost all slow corners. Hockenhein turn 6 (hairpin). Span 3 times on 50% race Bahrein turn 8 (1 time) Hockenheim turn 1 (1 time) Just unpredictable. Even go in on higher gears. (Gear 3) but when it picks up rpm a little to quick it's gone. Like to hear your opinion
  3. Justinsj

    F1 2019 Dedicated Setup Site

    I have to agree with striker. Soupy, your work is very appreciated, and so is a lot of the information from the regulars on YouTube. However, no one seem to spend time on race setups. As mentioned by yourself soupy, just increase the aero will. 1, make you bottom out. 2, increase your tyre temps even more and shorten the lifetime. I am looking for something that works for 50% race distance, 1 or 2 stop strategy. Can we maybe debate about that as well in this topic?
  4. Justinsj

    Looking for ps4 League (or two)

    What's your psn? Would love to drive with you sometime as well.
  5. Justinsj

    Looking for league

    Looking for following league to join: - ps4 - Europe - multiplayer car - no assist (elite settings) - Monday 20.00. - 25 or 50% race length Ps account justin87_079
  6. Can someone please reply? Point being the nummer 2 question. I want to get together with my friends during practise sessions. Without others missing the race because of it.
  7. Hi guys, I have looked for an existing topic but could not find it. I find it really annoying that whenever I want to join a multiplayer session, that I am being put into spectator mode only. I completely understand this for when a race is allready started obviously, but why can't people just join a little later for practise or qualifying sessions? 1. Is this broken or am I missing anything? 2. Does anyone know if this applies to a league as well? I am scared of adding a practise session to an online league. The intention is that people can meet up earlier if they like but i don't want that it prevents other people from being completely excluded from the race. Best regards, Justin