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  1. 7 days to go, and time for a car from the pack.
  2. Sorry to spoil your fun, but I think it's probably the livery from the 6R4. Not to say that there's not going to be more liveries though 😉
  3. A few posts below, you will find what the tags refer to. 'Boing Boing' and 'get thumbs' refers to this: It was how I saw the binary in the first place for the area code of Perth. (although i do admit, it wasn't me who figured out it was an area code)
  4. Yeah I saw the 24 after. Not sure what that could mean. I tried converting to decimal but it comes up with a random string of numbers.
  5. Just done the binary So that suggests S12. Now that means one of two things: An impreza S12 Or a Nissan Silvia S12 Both seem equally unlikely
  6. Wait, Boing Boing is a thumbnail grabber Sombody take a look at the binary at the bottom! Stick it through ASCII or something
  7. That's a '97 I think I might be being a big over-zealous here, but 'boing boing' could refer to Turkey 2010 with this jump: I'd love to see it but I'm not sure 🤔
  8. 97 Impreza. Nice. Just hope more locations are to come
  9. Ooh, interesting. Joining the RGT cars I assume?
  10. Well, you learn something new everyday Thought I read it somewhere....
  11. As far as I know, there was the A1 and A2 with long wheel bases. Then there was the Sport Quattro (no bodykit) then there was the S1 E1, which had 5 gears and a bodykit and finally the S1 E2 (also had a bodykit, had 6 gears and was a bit more powerful) Pretty sure that was correct, but feel free to correct me on that one.
  12. Hit the side a bit hard. I managed to save it though.
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