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  1. To be honest, I had this problem on F1 2020 and on my side wasn't a driver's issue. All I had to do (and still do on F1 2021 just in case) was changing the game to Windowed Full Screen Mode, then back to Full Screen. I would get higher frames, GPU at 99%
  2. I'm sorry, what does the BIOS have to do with this? Besides, I've been having this problem since patch 1.05
  3. Hi, I've noticed since the last update (1.05) that the game is running in the background. A detailed description of the issue. Since patch 1.05 my game is not completely closing. How did I notice this? First time was when I closed the game then about 20mins started other game and Steam showed that I had to close F1 game first, checked Task Manager and it was running in the background. Today I played for around 2H and after quitting, I opened Task Manager right away and F1 2021 was running in the background (the following screenshot was taken about 5min after I closed the gam
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