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  1. Voznik

    Different IA Level

    Same for me. I am very surprised not to find more posts on this topic, as I feel it really ruins the Career experience. As far as qualifying, I can play Grand Prix mode at 105% AI level, no assists, and qualify close to my teammate (so, where the car belongs), but in my Career mode I can only manage 100% without really getting close to my teammate. As an example, in my current Season 4 I could only manage a 4th on the grid as best result, despite having the best R&D car.
  2. Voznik

    Cinema: Storing highlight videos

    You can always save it in your PS4 for example (double click Share button). I know it's not the same but... 🤷‍♂️
  3. Voznik


    @Nuvolarix same thing for me. I only tried a couple of times, but I had the same weather after restarting. Avrei dovuto capire dal nome che eri italiano! 🙂
  4. Voznik

    So, I went throught the 10 seasons of "My Team"...

    Same thing here. In Career Mode (not myTeam); Season one 95, season two 98, season three I increased the difficulty even more to 101, but I started having trouble to make it to Q3 (right at the beginning in Australia) despite having the best car according to R&D chart. It's true that in the Race you make up a lot of time, but starting always at the back just ruins the game. I am noticing that the AI speed is also increasing throughout this third season, so I was racing the first half at 95 for Quali and 101 Race, but now I have to lower Race difficulty as well, and I am doing a lot of trials to get the level right. It's also very unsatisfying to be forced to change difficulty level between sessions. I would like to have some consistency and know that I can beat the AI at 101 for example. Very frustrating because in Grand Prix mode, I can do Quali and Race with the same difficulty and have great races. Bwoah.
  5. Voznik

    Balancing of the AI

    Well said.
  6. Voznik

    Autosave v. Manual Save - How to?

    Thank you @Theseus! Appreciate your help. I will try what you suggested, it makes sense though. Although, this does not solve the problem of not being able to create a backup file to use in case the game crashes corrupting the save. Anyway, Thanks again!
  7. Hello, I would like to share a post from the user @Nuvolarix, that describes very well a little problem with saving in Career mode. What Nuvolarix describes, also prevents users to create a backup copy of their Career. Here is the post: Hi there, I have just tested the "autosave off" feature, but it looks it doesn't work... I did the following: 1. ended Singapore GP (rain once again ) with Autosave turned on; 2. go back to the General Quarter after tha race; 3. while there, before to start the next Russian weekend, go back to the Main Screen; 4. Options and Autosave turned OFF; 5. General Quarter again and started the new weekend; 6. had a look at the forecast, it was ALL DRY; 7. tried to save "somewhere" but couldn't find anything therefore... 8. started FP1 but no way to manual save also inside it ; 9. I couldn't save but once my purpose was to test the "feature", go back to the Main Menu once again; 10. continued my career again expecting to be in the General Quarter before the Russian weekend, instead I was already in the Russian FP1, therefore in some way "a kind of autosave" must have been done the same, although the option was absolutely turned OFF!!! Am I missing anything to make the trick work? Thank you, bye Nuv Has anyone a solution for this? Tnx
  8. Voznik

    Driver career AI

    I have the same problem! I started my career with Ferrari at 95, then increased to 98 next season, and all was good, quali & race I was were I was supposed to be. Into the 3rd season I increased the difficulty to 101 and now I can't make it into Q2. Even going back to level 98 doesn't do it. Still massively behind much worse cars. Everybody is just crazy fast now. It's not a matter of Level Difficulty, because if I play Grand Prix mode, I can play at 101 (or even above that), and have fun and have the same lap times as my teammate. Why in career everybody is so OP? I will need to lower the level massively, or restart the career completely. I like improvements and changes throughout the career experience but this is a bit disappointing. 😭
  9. Voznik

    Cancel Pit

    Agree. In cockpit view (with no other visual aid), you will keep seeing "Box" flashing on the steering wheel until the end of the race. Pretty annoying, because takes up the spot that tells you the Remaining Laps.
  10. Voznik


    Just an idea for you... Maybe you can turn off the Autosave, and then when you start a race weekend, if you see rain forecasted, just exit and go back in, probably the weather will change. Just an idea.
  11. Voznik

    THIS IS WRONG IN THE GAME! (no bugs)

  12. Voznik

    More -Simple- Radio Commands

    Hello, I am playing my career mode using cockpit view, also I have no map, and not position indicator on the top left of my screen, no alerts. Basically I have nothing except for the MFD. All of this is just an attempt to have a more realistic experience. My first season was great with 4 drivers battling for the title to the last race. This made me think that it would be nice to have some additional simple questions to ask Jeff, using the Radio button/Vocal command. I'll give just a few examples, that I believe are not too complicated, considering that there is some info that Jeff already gives us (when he decides so), but we can't ask for: Leader of the race? Gap to the leader? Current top three? (to hear who's provisionally on the podium of the race) Who's out of the race? Teammate strategy/pit info? (just to know when the teammate is supposed to stop. Sometimes, when changing the strategy on the fly, unwanted double stacking happens just for lack of information) Gap in front? (a quick gap update instead of the very lengthy message with all sorts of info about the "Driver in Front") Gap behind? (same as above) I hope this helps improving a game that, imho, has already done a very good step forward with the 2020 edition. Cheers
  13. @Marty_K_ Same feeling I had last year with the assists and this year with the cockpit camera. Happy you made "the step"!
  14. Hi Kafumanto, Will you guys include (or maybe it's already there), some kind of tutorial/instructions on how to use this thing? I am very interested.. Thanks!
  15. Voznik

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Funny, reading your (long) comment, I actually agree with you on the comparison between Hamilton and Michael. I just think that Senna was respect and admired by his colleagues in a way Hamilton will never be, just because (like you said), many on the grid think that driving a silver arrow, they would easily win too. That's all, son (just kidding!)