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  1. that's why I preferred to go for now to short quali instead of a full quali. This way you "fix" this thing, although you create another problem, which is eliminating the chance that someone runs on Mediums for Q2 and starts on Mediums. The whole grid will be on soft! Disappointing. Whatever you do it's just bad.
  2. Have you ever thought that maybe some problems are not easy fix or cannot be fixed at all with just a patch? The game is far from perfect, I agree on that, let alone the driver transfers mess, but what game is perfect?
  3. Voznik

    Career mode is now broken!

    they should just get rid of those 5000 points given when you transfer to another team. I noticed that the team that had most transfers during the 2 seasons I played so far, are the ones that are highest in the R&D now (almost maxed out). I came to the conclusion that is not a coincidence.
  4. Voznik

    Race start

    I want to add to this saying that if you start with, for example, +2 laps of fuel, you'll get passed by everyone around you. If you start with something like +0.5 lap of fuel then you'll get a better start. This is MY experience.
  5. Voznik

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    habemus papam!
  6. Voznik

    My full practice programme

    Hi all, wow, what a variety! I was still doing all I could in FP1, leaving only Race Pace for FP2 and Qualifying Sim for FP3. I do this mostly to preserve engine and gearbox (FP3 you have to use the race gearbox). At best I was (sometimes) running Race Pace program twice, with two different compounds just to see if I could drive fast enough with the Hard and make a 1 stop strategy. Could you guys please point out to me what are the flaws of my way of going through FP sessions? I mean what changes in splitting all the programs like you guys do, rather than doing all you can in FP1. Also, does anything change if you successfully complete the programs or you fail them (other than getting R&D Points)??? Do the programs really have an effect on Projected/Personalized strategies? Thanks
  7. I checked the regulations (!) and you are correct! Well, you are more correct than me at least...More changes than the usual are allowed when there is a "Change in Climatic Conditions" but I expected much more than what actually is allowed to be modified. Darn, I guess now I have to go back and switch on Parc Ferme rules on my career.... On a general note though, I think this is ridiculous considering all they (F1, FIA) are doing for safety (see Halo, new helmet specs, etc.), still letting people compromising on setup which is crucial for safety! I'm a bit shocked... Sorry for the Off topic
  8. @RaceSpecEsports I filled the initial form, signed to discord and...what happens now? Thanks
  9. Voznik

    My full practice programme

    what do you guys do with fuel and ERS, considering that we all have only 2-3 engine components and using Rich mix and High ERS has a negative effect on those engine parts... I always try to keep mine at medium. I'd like to even switch to lean/low but I doubt I would complete most of the program.
  10. This is one of the few things I can't stand... The Parc Ferme rule doesn't actually exist if, let's say, you have wet qualifying and dry race or vice versa... Teams are allowed to change the car is different conditions effect the race (which makes absolute sense considering all they are doing for safety!). I keep my Parc Ferme rule option OFF and manage it myself. Dunno what you guys think...
  11. @Marty_K_ Same feeling I had last year with the assists and this year with the cockpit camera. Happy you made "the step"!
  12. Hey Alex, sorry to hear you had a bad experience. I tried myself to play online for the first time yesterday and I loved it. Like you, I had some contacts when I was trying to overtake on the inside of a corner and ppl did not leave enough room, so I spun...Definitely not great I have a suggestion, and maybe you already do this, but yesterday I was a bit scared of ppl crashing into me because I knew from comments like yours and watching youtube video that these things happen, so when I was approaching a car from behind, I usually stayed behind for about a lap or so (playing 25% is not a big deal) in order to see where I could really overtake them "safely", possibly just on a straight to minimize risks. You may try this (you maybe already do it). I hope it helps and hope that next time goes better
  13. Voznik

    Using Look to Apex?

    I use this feature as part of the car settings/tuning, and do the same for Cockpit view values. What I mean is that I change these values/settings according to the track or the car I'm driving. For example in Brazil, I have a higher value for Look at Apex, in COTA instead I have it lower because all the sections left-right with Look at Apex make me throw up within 2 laps LOL Generally speaking I keep it between 2 and 5. Similarly, in COTA I need to have my Cockpit view a bit higher than usual because of all the up hill-down hill of the circuit. I think in general is good to adapt to whatever your needs are for each track/car.
  14. I just wanted to share my happiness (as per title)! I (for now) daily read this forum and almost every thread is filled with complaints of any sort. Yesterday, for the first time I purchased a PS Plus membership and played online. I just had the best time! I played something like 6-7 25% races in a row. I was a bit afraid of these lobbies and people taking you out and everything, but I just had a blast! I was maybe lucky to find correct/fair gamers, I dunno. I was even able to win 3 races and end up on the podium in the others! Great close battles, overtakes, undercuts, and all of that! To be honest I was taken out a couple of times, but it was more like racing incidents than people trying to ruin my race or anything like that. Playing with other users instead of the AI only, is just sooo much better and so much more fun, that I am now scared this will ruin my social life! LOL
  15. I'm with you man. Same thing, I have developed my player and bought shoes and all the rest without spending a penny, but it's undeniable that they kinda push users towards spending money, for both graphic/visual stuff like clothes etc. and also for vc to develop your player, that's all i'm saying. I still love me some 2K...