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  1. Hello everyone! mine issue with the ban is fixxed but now i got this. so i wanted to play a unranked session with a friend in f1 2019, i made up the session and clicked on the button to invite him, but nothing happen! so he made up a session and invited me but i could'nt join him either! So he turn his session into "open" and then i could join. But when were in the game i was not in the same session. I hope someone can help me with this annoying problem Teun
  2. Goodday, I was playing F1 2019 multiplayer, and i like the game so much, after a while i stopped with playing and go to work. Then i came home and i wanted to play f1 2019 multiplayer again. But i could’nt. I get an error with “you have been banned for cheating”. I havent used any cheats and i don’t even know how to cheat in a race game. I know every one how gets banned will say this. But i don’t know what i did wrong… And its ofc very frustrating for me. I hope to get a reaction, and get unbanned. Greetings, Teun Schrijver Ign: Teun//Vaqnir
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