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  1. darkozzys

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    In canada 3rd place in qualy. During race i was 3rd after 15 laps rain. I lost 3 sec for lap. Wheel T150 No assists AI 90%
  2. darkozzys

    Devon Butler is OP

    In my career, Butler is my team mate, in McLaren, season 2. In ReS my car is 3rd, and Butler makes alway supertime.... Thath after the 1.05 patch... Webber with Toro Rosso is fast more of a Red Bull. I have a Racing Point driver as rival, Gasly, and before monaco he is 1 in championship. ReS: Mercedes, Racing Point, McLaren, Red Bull, Ferrari, Renault, Alfa Romeo, and Toro Rosso. This is unreal. Before 1.05, it was more real. IA now drives like bulldozer, they don't care about you position on track.
  3. Yes, before the race... Oh after 1.05... And we are still waiting for a fix? After a new patch i will restart my career...
  4. After the 1.06, i have lag in career mode. And others problems like i cant manage fuel in strategy menu. When i try to decrease or increase fuel, it start from 1.5 + and i can't reduce it...
  5. darkozzys

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    This is the point!
  6. darkozzys

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    Rain during the race in Cina, Spain, Canada, GB, Germany, Belgium, Mexico, USA. Italy in qualification only. At moment 9/21... Will update after brazil and Abu Dhabi.
  7. darkozzys

    Rain, rain and again rain.

    I like wet race, but in my career it is present too often, compared to last year I have rain every 2 races .... Is it just a case or do you often get rain too?