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  1. What is your opinion about Driver Transfers in Career Mode ?
  2. Hey Codemasters, can you give us option Performance for every Car equal in Grand Prix Mode (F1 2019) ? 🙂 I just want to start a new Grand Prix Season with Equal Car Performance, but unfortunately we dont have that option in Single Player Grand Prix F1 2019 mode 🙂 We can do that with Classic mode (old cars), but we dont have that option with Standard F1 2019 mode. I think it would be more interesting if the cars are equal and the differences are only the pilots performance in the car 🙂 If you can do that in Multiplayer mode, i think it is not problem for you in Single Player Grand Prix mode 🙂 Thank you, sorry for my english
  3. SabolcSaghmeist

    Favorite race length in career

    Absolutely 5 laps !!! No strategies, no pit stops, no safety cars, no Engine failure for AI ... Only Race !!! It would be better 10laps, but unfortunately we dont have that option.
  4. SabolcSaghmeist

    F1 2019 Favourite Track Voting Poll

    The maximum is only 20 choice, so i must to put 2 tracks in 1 (Azerbaijan and Singapore) 🙂
  5. SabolcSaghmeist

    Please stop driver transfer in career mode

    100% Agree, i hate driver transfers , but especially mid season driver transfers ... Codemasters just give us option Turn OFF or Turn ON driver transfers in gameplay settings.
  6. SabolcSaghmeist

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Mid Season transfers are totally killed my carreer mode. I hope they will delete that with 1.06 patch. Driver transfers are okey in the game, but Mid Season transfers are totally unrealistic.