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  1. Driver Transfers was more better in F1 2019 (except stupid Mid-Season Transfers, but luckily we got option to turn it off). In F1 2019 every season 3 to 5 Driver changes, yes it was maybe a little bit unrealistic but at the same time it was more fun for me 🙂 Sometimes it is better to have unrealistic things, because it is more fun for users/players

    That is the reason why i want to have Equal F1 Cars in Grand Prix Mode, because it is getting boring to see Hamilton or Bottas every time on Pole and Race Winner.

  2. 1 hour ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    You'd assume that they'd know and that they're implementing that. However, whenever something gets fixed, it invariably breaks something else further down the line so they're probably testing it at the moment, hence why we've not got F2-2020 in MyTeam. 

    I'm currently doing F2 2020 Championships on 100% and i've now just finished Monaco Feature Race and the results are evening out abit but there are still issues. I mean, it's nice it's not EXACTLY like the real F2 2020 season but you'd want some level of scaling. 

    1. Shwartzman - Not entirely unreasonable. He should definitely be up there. 

    2. Piquet -  (That's me. I'm just getting lucky with consistency which is the only reason i'm loitering around here as I haven't even won a race yet)

    3. Markelov - In terms of ability, he probably should be around top 8. In terms of the year he had in the car. Definitely way ahead of where he should be.

    4. Drugovich - Actually looked really strong and was dominate in Spain Feature where he won by 12 seconds.

    5. Matsushita - Always there or thereabouts without really being too threatening. 

    6. Tsunoda - Some races he's top 5 and others he's at the back. 

    7. Lundgaard - Same as Tsunoda. Podium in two races. Back of the field in two other ones. 

    8. Ilott - He's had one win and two sprint race points. He's been 18th, 16th and 15th in feature races too. Terrible qualifier except for one race where he started 3rd and won. 

    9. Sato - Finished 2nd in Bahrain Feature and 4th in the Sprint. Don't think he's been in the top half since then. 

    10. Ticktum - Looked really fast without ever scoring points. Definitely holds most fastest laps outside the points positions. 

    11. Zhou - Half the time I forget he's even driving. Awful qualifier but scores alot in of lower points sprint races so his race pace over the two races is good.

    12. Daruvala - Did well in one of the sprint races but barely scoring. 

    13. Schumacher - He lucked into points twice but he's probably the weirdest case as he isn't good in qualifying or the race. He should be decent qualifier (between 5th and 10th) and strong racer. He's neither. 

    14. Aitken - He has had 3 engine failures and didn't finish in Monaco Feature due to pile-up, which I think is retiring more races than he's finished. I think he's only finished one feature race! He's always doing well before his bad luck hits (around 4th to 8th place).

    15. Mazepin - He's fast. Really fast. But qualifies around the midfield and has to work his way forward. I think he has the right race pace but not quali.

    16. Armstrong - He's always on the fringes of points. it's like he's coded to always finish just outside. 

    17. Gelael - Two points probably isn't unreasonable. Some races he's at the back and others he's around the midfield. I'm actually fine with his performances.

    18. Deletraz - The worst on the game by far. There was a crash in the Monaco Feature race and he finished 10th. In the Sprint race in Spain he finished 1:15 behind the leader and 17 seconds behind the next car up the road. No damage or anything. Just was slow. 

    19. Alesi - The first of the non-scorers. He's had a few good races but he always seems to be a long way off the points. Did get an 11th at Bahrain though which is the only thing keeping him here.

    20. Nissany - Woeful. Although he isn't sensational in real life, he's probably being a little hard done by. Got 12th in Monaco which moved him up 2 places in the standings.

    21. Samaia - It looks reasonable but he was in 6th place in a feature race at Netherlands before engine failure so maybe needs some work doing here.

    22. Ghiotto - He's actually been awful. He hasn't qualified above 16th and finished above 17th yet. Definitely a problem here. 

    The problem is that if they program A.I. differenty Qualificaion Pace and Race Pace then we got totally unrealistic Results, because A.I. cant overtake in this game like in real life. So if Mick Schumacher or Callum Illott starting the race at +10 position then they cant win the race in game, but in real life they can win easily from that position. So Codemasters need to program A.I. Qualification Pace and Race Pace Equal to get realistic results and of the race and of course all Championship to be realistic.

    So lets say Callum Illot Qualification Pace is 75 and Race Pace is 95. Then we will got totally unrealistic results in the game, because Illott will start races approx 10 - 15 positions and he will never won the race, because as i said A.I. cant overtake in game like in real life. That is the reason why we need Equal Qualification and Race stats to get Realistic results.

  3. 36 minutes ago, SmokyAtom07 said:

    It has been this years latest stats criteria that seems to have broken the weighting a little as F2 2019 and F2 2020 have some erratic results. Last years game both F2 2018 and F2 2019 seemed relatively accurate (at least on my game). For example on F1-2019, my top 5 of F2-19 would usually (after about 3-4 run throughs) be De Vries, Latifi, Ghiotto, Zhou and Hubert which isn't unreasonable. However on F1-2020, my top 5 of F2-19 (after 2 run throughs) would be Aitken, Mazepin, Hubert, Matsushita and Alesi. De Vries is usually down around 10th to 12th and the DAMS always finish bottom of the constructors championship and I don't think Sette Camara has even scored a point. 

    Most performance issues I have on my game seem to be down to the awareness stat, in particular as those with the higher awareness seem to performing better on my game and those with that stat lower seem to be woeful.

    I think it's tricky to find the right balance as the stats also have to reflect the actual driver. Case in point, in the OP's post, Markelov was mentioned. Yes, this year he was trundling around at the back so you'd want that reflecting in the game but he's a really good driver so you can't put his stats as that of a backmarker. However, with the cars being similar in the game, the easiest way to do this would be to give the drivers of the lower-performing cars, rankings that are low. This would achieve a half-decent balance. However, this would completely screw up MyTeam play as drivers that are actually quite good drivers in lower teams (Markelov, Matsushita, Deletraz) would be completely nerfed. I think it's probably the teams that need affecting as well as the drivers as your Carlins, Prema's and UNI-Virtuosi's should always be near the front. 

    I'm assuming Schumi would be rated around 69-70 in the update but he's probably not the best outright driver in the field in any one statistic so you'd have to have the better ones higher which would make them F1 level already. He's definitely the most consistent and still a top 5ish driver although Ilott was faster but made more mistakes, Tsunoda was along the same vein and Shwartzman seems like he's just qualifying ability away from being dominant, Drugovich is probably faster when the car is set up to this liking. It was Prema's ability to consistently have the car up there and Schumi's better qualifying that put him at the top rather than his supreme ability. Would he have won the title in an MP or a HWA? Of course not. That's the bit that needs reflecting more than who is a good driver and who isn't. Pourchaire will be an exceptional driver in 2-3 years and he couldn't make a dent in the HWA so he'd have been rated about a 55 or so. He'll be in the ART next year and he'll skyrocket up to mid 60's at least (like Lundgaard probably will) so it's car balancing as well as driver balancing needed. 

    I think Codemasters knows that what they need to update, to make Realistic Drivers Performance. In Grand Prix Mode we just need to have realistic results , MY TEAM CAREER MODE is a different thing. So i would say, they need different programming for A.I. in FORMULA 2 for Grand Prix Mode and they need different programming for A.I. Formula 2 in MY TEAM Career Mode 🙂 So i mean with those stats (Racecraft, Awareness, Pace, Experience ... ) it is very hard to make balance and realistic performance, so that is the reason why Grand Prix Mode needs less stats for A.I. , because then it is easier to make realistic performance.

    F1 2019 Game Formula 2 Drivers Performance was a more realistic because of less stats. I think in F1 2019 game it was more easier to make balance and realistic performance, because drivers didnt have those stats ...



  5. 6 hours ago, ndrst said:

    I love it (on 100% Races). That's realistic compared to real life. I have also problems to overtake the AI, and that´s what i wanted for years. Perhaps it would be good if Codemasters would add a slider to reduce the dirty air and increase the slipstream effect for those who want to overtake more (including the AI). I want a realistic implementation of Formula 1. And Formula 1 means : Overtaking is the exception, not the rule. Many may not like that, but that's the way it is.

    Yes, F1 2020 is more realistic then F1 2019 and it is 99% 🙂 I just said that i saw more overtakes from A.I. in F1 2019 and it is also a fact 🙂 F1 2020 is almost perfect game, my biggest problem is A.I. Drivers Performance, especially in F2 2020. If they fix A.I. Drivers Performance for F2 2020, then this game F1 2020 would be easily the Best F1 GAME EVER !!! 

  6. Yes Race Starts are very easy if you use Assists ... I use assists also : Assisted Start, Automatic Gear and Medium Brake, TC (Traction Control) is OFF. But for me Race Starts are also very easy, i think it is because of those assists 🙂 So i recommended to you Turn OFF All Assists just for the start and after the start Turn ON assists. 🙂

  7. 1 minute ago, BarryBL said:

    Hi everyone,

    I've raised this to the developers and it is something under investigation. Just as a sidenote, "just go to Codemasters office and tell them" is, at the moment, physically impossible, Tier 3 lockdowns in the centre of England means we've not been in the office since March (myself since January). So, that's a little difficult 😛 

    Nice !!! I hope they now that Mick Schumacher is the World Champion of F2 2020, so he must be the best F2 A.I. in the game 🙂 In F1 2019 game Formula 2 2018 and Formula 2 2019 had very realistic A.I. Performance 🙂 Maybe this year A.I. programming is different because of stats ( Awareness, Race Craft, Pace ... ) but i hope they can make it good and realistic like in F1 2019 game 🙂

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  8. @BarryBL Hey Barry 🙂 I know its not about you to update the Drivers Performance of F2 2020 🙂 But please, tell to people in Codemasters whos are working on programming for A.I., just update Drivers Performance in F2 2020 🙂 You dont need to answer to me, just go to Codemasters office and tell them : Guys, update those A.I. Performance for F2 2020, because this man on forum is getting very boring with this problem. 🙂

    Yes i have 2 profiles ( The Serbian and SabolcSaghmeist ) I use TheSerbian at home and i use SabolcSaghmeist at work 🙂

  9. Hmmm its very interesting, i dont know its a bad or good news for us 🙂 . Everyone hates EA Sports, but the interesting thing is everyone is playing with EA Sports games (FIFA, NFL, NHL, UFC). A lots of people hates Codemasters, but a lots of people are playing with Codemaster games like (DirtFormula 1, Project Cars and Grid🙂 So why we are playing with this games if we are hating them EA Sports and Codemasters ???!!! The answer is : Because they are the best Sport and Racing game makers 🙂 I hate also Codemasters, because they dont want to upgrade Realistic Drivers Performance for Formula 2 2020, i hate also Codemasters because they dont want to add option Custom Weather in Career Mode , I hate also Codemasters because they dont want to add Equal Cars for Formula 1 in Grand Prix Mode🙂 But i am still playing with Codemasters game Formula 1. Why ???!!! Because they are the BEST !!! I hate them, but at the same time i like them, because they are making the best F1 Game (Few Customisations are the problem only and this year Drivers Performance in Formula 2 ) ... No one Developer can make a Formula 1 game better then Codemasters ... It is same with FIFA, 90% of people hates EA Sports, but they are making the best Football game, just look Pro Evolution Soccer how bad it is compared to FIFA ... 

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    Do you have in plan to update Drivers Performance in F2 2020 ? You know i am asking this, because now it is very unrealistic in your game. Artem Markelov is the best A.I. in your game, in real life he was almost the weakest this year (He finished 18th in Championship). Mick Schumacher the World Champion of F2 2020 is almost the weakest A.I. in your game (He is on average 15th in your game). I dont know how other people think, but for me its a game killer if Drivers Performance are Unrealistic. I dont know how hard it is to make it realistic (I mean programming or other things ...) , but i hope you will update this problem with F2 2020.

    In your game F1 2019 it was amazing with F2 2018 and F2 2019, it was like in Real Life Drivers Performance, but this year it is very bad.

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  11. 1 hour ago, XanderSJX said:

    About last point: F2 2020 cars/drivers in career mode. I don't remember how it was in 2019 as I skipped it but your first F1 season in career/my team is with F1 2020 cars. So if it is supposed to be realistic you can only drive F2 2019 before that in career.

    If you want to drive F2 2020 at start of career, that would mean that your first F1 season is in 2021, and F1 cars at start have 2020 performance not 2021 (which doesn't exist).

    For other point I agree, I am just following forums now and waiting for these to be fixed before coming back to the game.

    The problem is that in Driver Career Mode if someones retire in 2nd Season, then one of the F2 2019 drivers are going in F1. So in first season no one is retiring, but in second season Kimi is retiring a lots of time. So then one of the F2 2019 driver is going to F1 and that is not okey ... So they must to add F2 2020 update in Driver Career Mode also. 

    When you are starting Driver Career Mode and you start with F2 Cars, then you must to drive Season 2020. So you are going up to F1 in Season 2021. So the program must to simulate F1 2020 Season ...

  12. 4 minutes ago, Ukbordoy said:

    Thought so! I wanted to start a career with Red Bull and have a championship battle with Hamilton. Few races in and its Bottas leading the way! Ridiculous. Think ill start again with the F1 2020 championship mode instead.

    Yes if you want realistic Championsip then you must to play Standard Championship Mode ...

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  13. Just now, Ukbordoy said:

    What is it like on the F1 2020 Championship mode? So not my team or driver career but the other championship mode. If I remember rightly there are no stats on there as you drive as a real life driver and there's no development or driver transfers.

    In F1 2020 Championship Mode Lewis Hamilton is better then Vallteri Bottas, because there are no stupid stats like in Career Mode. 

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  14. Bottas is better then Hamilton in the game if you play My Team Career Mode or Driver Career Mode. Hamilton is only better in Grand Prix Mode and Championship Mode, because there are no stupid stats like in Career Modes ... F1 2020 and F2 2020 is a complete Joke if we are looking Realistic Drivers Performance 🙂 If you want Realistic Drivers Performance, you must to play F1 2018 or F1 2019 ... They messed up the game F1 2020 with those stats and that is the reason why F1 2020 is so random in performance of A.I. 

    F1 2020 is in all way better then F1 2019, but those unrealistic Drivers Performance just killed the game ...

    The problem is that the CODEMASTERS is trying to make ultra realistic game with stats and everything, but in the same time they are making ultra unrealistic game because of those stats. 🙂 If the program must to calculate more and more stats, then it is harder to make balance. That is the reason why F1 2018 and F1 2019 has more realistic ranking, because there is more easier for program to make Realistic Performance of Drivers. That is the reason why Moto GP and WRC games has more realistic Drivers performance, because those games dont use every type of stats for A.I. So they make simple programming for A.I., maybe A.I. have just Pace stat and thats it. But because of that, its easy to make Realistic Performance. I prefer less stats but more realistic driver performance ... Who cares about Awareness, Race Craft etc etc ...

    So yes ... Sometimes is better to have less stats, because the results can look like F1 2020 🙂 The World Champion of Formula 2 Mick Schumacher is 17th best A.I. in the game F2 2020 and 7x World Champion Lewis Hamilton is slower then Bottas ...

  15. Okey, finally we got update with F2 2020 Drivers. Here is my comparison :

    • My Team Career : F2 2019 1 : 0 F2 2020 ( Easy win for F2 2019, becuase there is no F2 Drivers from 2020 in My Team Career Mode xDDD )
    • A.I. Driver Ratings : F2 2019 2 : 0 F2 2020 ( Easy win for F2 2019, because there are no Driver Ratings for F2 2020 Drivers )
    • A.I. Realistic Performance : F2 2019 3 : 0 F2 2020 ( F2 2019 was also a joke if we are looking realistic driver performance, but F2 2020 is a JOKE OF THE YEAR )
    • Driver Career Mode : F2 2019 4 : 0 F2 2020 ( Easy win for F2 2019, because we cant start Driver Career Mode with F2 2020 Cars and Drivers and they cant go up to Formula 1 )

    I dont want to compare Handling, for me its a little bit easier to cornering with F2 2019 cars, but maybe it is just me. Also design of cars someone likes more F2 2019 cars with smaller wheels, someone likes more F2 2020 cars with bigger wheels ...

    So yes the results is :  F2 2019 4 : 0 F2 2020

    Codemasters you must to update this problems, because your F2 2020 update is a JOKE OF THE YEAR !!! Moto GP Games and WRC Games has more realistic Drivers Performance then your GAME ... There is no point to play with your F2 2020 version, because its very unrealistic ( Mick Schumacher the World Champion of F2 is almost the weakest A.I. in your F2 2020) + Artem Markelov is the best A.I. in your F2 2020, he finished 18th this year xDDD We cant use F2 2020 Drivers in MY TEAM CARRER MODE ... xDDD Comon guys i cant believe that you cant make A.I. Performance like in Reality.

    • You need to add F2 2020 Drivers to My Team Career Mode
    • You need to add Driver Ratings for F2 2020 Drivers
    • You need to add them in Driver Career Mode 
    • You need to make more realistic Drivers Performance like :
    1. Mick Schumacher
    2. Callum Illott
    3. Yuki Tsunoda
    4. Robert Schwarztman
    5. Nikita Mazepin
    6. Guanyou Zhou
    7. Christian Lundgaard
    8. Louis Deletraz
    9. Felipe Drugovich
    10. Luca Ghiotto 
    • ETC ETC ETC ...


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  16. 16 minutes ago, BarryBL said:

    From our league races @SabolcSaghmeist, I 100% can be that inconsistent! I'm sure lots of other F1 forum racers will testify to that. Russia I can fight for wins, Monaco I'm lucky to get points. 

    To address the original post, we would probably need more concrete information and feedback from a number of players to look into this. Considering your gap to P2 is 0.082 of a second (fractional) and we've not seen other reports of this, I have to presume you've put together a really good lap. We also don't know your usual performance at 103 on other tracks (are you still winning?) so its a hard measuring stick with only 1 end of it at the moment. If the gap was about 3 seconds to P2, either there's a problem or you need to be in esports!

    @BarryBL Okey Barry, nevermind 🙂 I am downloading new update 🙂 I hope you made Formula 2 Drivers realisticly fast, so Mick Schumacher is not the slowest driver in the game. He must be the fastest in F2 🙂 I will test it again on AI 110% (Zandvoort) with new Formula 2 Drivers, maybe this kids are faster then in F2 2019 xD

  17. @BarryBL Barry common 🙂 I am not that stupid ... If you can play Russia on 108%, then you can play all tracks on +100% Difficulty 🙂 Zandvoort is not well Balanced and thats fact ... I dont know how hard to program A.I. to make them faster, i think its not just one click and thats it, so i understand you. 

    Difference beetween AI 108% and AI 85% is about 3 second 🙂 

  18. 53 minutes ago, BarryBL said:

    Hi @SabolcSaghmeist

    Thanks for the report. I can see the increase in level here, however, perhaps you are just really good at Zandvoort! The gap from you to 2nd is 0.082, which is very small. If it was something like 5 tenths perhaps, I think it may be a AI issue under these conditions. Maybe go into Time Trail, and set a F2 time at Zandvoort and another track, and compare where you sit in the leaderboards. If they are drastically different, maybe you are just really good there.

    I have tracks that I'm pretty strong at (Russia and USA come to mind), but tracks where I'm miles off the pace (Hanoi being my example).

    @BarryBL Hehe, nooo... I am not that good at Zandvoort 🙂 Its fact that A.I. is slow here at (Zandvoort) in Formula 1 and also in Formula 2 🙂 but in Formula 2 they are brutally slow. Okey its nevermind, i will play this track on AI 110% and thats it. In overall i can say track to track Balance this year is better then in F1 2019.  

  19. Hey Codemasters 

    Is there any chance to boost A.I. Difficulty at Zandvoort ?! I mean they are too slow on Difficulty 110%. My average Difficulty for Formula 2 is 103%, but on Zandvoort i can win on 110%. As you can see my qualification time is 1.19.987, that put me on pole. I think A.I. time on Difficulty 110% should be 1.19.0. So basically you need to boost them 1 sec faster on this track.

    My settings are :

    • Controller ( PS4 )
    • Brake Assist : Medium
    • Traction Control : OFF
    • Car Setup : Default / Balanced



    I think this year A.I. consistency on One Shot Qualifications are not so good.

    So lets say we are in Australia and we are looking Hamilton times ( One Shot Qualification ) :

    • 1st try A.I. Time : 1.20.531
    • 2nd try A.I. Time : 1.20.731
    • 3rd try A.I. Time : 1.20.331

    So there is a big difference between times, it can go sometimes to +0.500 difference ... One of the biggest problem with this , its very hard to find our difficulty level. Because sometimes i am on Pole, but sometimes i lost by 0.300 to 0.400 , so its hard to find A.I. Difficutly for my level. I can do easily every lap +- 0.200.

    So i would say if A.I. average time in Australia is 1.20.500, then A.I. must to do every time between 1.20.400 to 1.20.600. So max difference can be 0.200 .

    I think you should fix A.I. Consistency on One Shot Qualifications in next patches.

    Ohh and also you must to fix this problem for Formula 2 A.I. Drivers also. 

  21. Hey Codemasters.

    I just downloaded F1 2019 from PS Store, because it was on extra sale, approx 10euro. I had this game (F1 2019) before on Blue Ray but i sold it. So now i bought it again on PS Store just to remember how it was compared to F1 2020.

    I can say that F1 2020 is a brutal updated version from F1 2019 !!!

    My comparison :

    My Team Career and Driver Career :

    • My Team Career Mode = F1 2019 0 : 1 F1 2020 ( Its easy win for F1 2020, because F1 2019 doesnt have My Team Mode)
    • Driver Career Mode = F1 2019 0 : 2 F1 2020 ( I would say F1 2020 is better, because F2 drivers can go up to F1, its a very good move from you)
    • Driver Transfers = F1 2019 0 : 3 F1 2020 ( It was a joke in F1 2019, very stupid and unrealistic transfers. F1 2020 has more realistic Driver Transfers)
    • A.I. Driver Rating System = F1 2019 0 : 4 F1 2020 ( Its again easy win for F1 2020, because F1 2019 doesnt have A.I. Driver Rating System )
    • R&D System = F1 2019 0 : 5 F1 2020 ( For me its a lot better in F1 2020, because its a lot harder to make Champion Team with Williams, Haas or Alfa )
    • Number of Races in Career = F1 2019 0 : 6 F1 2020 ( Its an easy win for F1 2020, because in F1 2019 there was only a Full Season with all tracks, in 2020 we have 22,16,10 nice move !!! )

    Handling, Car Sounds, Graphics, ERS, Formula 2, A.I. :

    • Driving in Rain : F1 2019 0 : 7 F1 2020 ( For me driving in rain was a joke in F1 2019 it was like driving on Ice ... Easy win for F1 2020 )
    • Driving in Dry : F1 2019 0 : 8 F1 2020 ( I think F1 2020 is also better here, i feel more traction in 2020, in F1 2019 braking was a joke )
    • Car Sounds : F1 2019 0 : 9 F1 2020 ( Hmmm its easy F1 2020 )
    • Graphics : EQUAL ( Its very hard to say which game has a better graphics ) So i dont want to compare them.
    • A.I. Attacking : F1 2019 1 : 9 F1 2020 ( Yes the only Win for F1 2019 are more overtakes from A.I., maybe its not true but i feel that i saw more overtakes in F1 2019)
    • A.I. Defending : F1 2019 1 : 10 F1 2020 ( I think its a little bit harder to Overtake A.I. in 2020, maybe because of Overtake button, its good for defending also, but it make less overtakes .. So its good and bad at the same time 🙂  )
    • ERS System : F1 2019 1 : 11 F1 2020 ( Haha it was horrible in F1 2019, i think everyone would say that F1 2020 is more better in ERS System )
    • Formula 2 : F1 2019 1 : 12 F1 2020 ( It was good also in F1 2019, but in F1 2020 its a little bit better, more traction and better braking in 2020 )

    Customisation :

    • EQUAL (In my opinion its equal, there is still no customisation for weather in Carrer Modes, no Equal Cars, Engine Failures for A.I. still no turn off option etc etc...)

    Multiplayer, Multiplayer League Racing :

    • Ranked : F1 2019 Joke, F1 2020 Joke ( Common, just do like Gran Turismo Sport with better Penalty System xDDD !!! ) 
    • Unranked : EQUAL
    • League Racing : EQUAL ( Still no option for Custom Weather ... )

    So in Overall its an Easy win for F1 2020, nice work !!! 

    My recommendation for making F1 2021 better then F1 2020 :

    More Customisations :

    • Custom Weather in Career Modes 
    • A.I. Random Engine Failures ON or OFF ( After 50% wear one of the Engine Parts A.I. can got Random Engine Failure )
    • Human Random Engine Failures ON or OFF ( After 50% wear one of the Engine Parts Human can got Random Engine Failure )
    • Equal Cars in Formula 1 Grand Prix Mode ( This move will make Single Player Mode more interesting in my opinion )
    • Quick Races : 3 Laps, 5 Laps, 10 Laps
    • Normal Races with Pit Stop : 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
    • Custom Strategy for Teammate ( Its very stupid when my teammate Pit 2x times, when 1x Pit is more faster )
    • A.I. Difficulty Program in Career Mode and also in Grand Prix Mode ( We must to do 3 to 5 laps and the average of those 3 to 5 laps would be our A.I. Level. You can put this program in Practice Sessions in Career Mode and also in Grand Prix Mode. ) On of your biggest problem in the game is finding the difficulty level race to race, so this program would help for us. 

    If i forgot some comparison just write it down in the chat.

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  22. 3 hours ago, Liaveil said:

    I remember they removed personnel facility bonuses from AI teams since every driver was getting pretty much max stats. I'm fairly certain either Bottas is still getting those bonuses whereas no one else is, or, its exclusive to the second Mercedes seat getting the bonuses when they shouldn't. I think it's a second Merc sear glitch personally as Vettel is also ahead of Hamilton nearly every race in my file where he's replaced Bottas.


    That or the awareness stat is more op than expected. Noticed drivers with lower awareness seem to struggle despite having a high pace stat (Perez seems weak considering he has the 3rd best car, he seems to always get knocked out in q2. Hamilton also, for reasons still unknown has 15 less awareness than Bottas so this might be another potential reason).

    Personnel Facilty bonuses are deleted for every A.I. Teams ... The reason for Bottas domination is his Awareness stat as you said 🙂 A.I. Drivers with high awareness has always good results and they are very stable with expected positions. As you said, Sergio Perez has the 3rd best car on the grid, but he is so bad on qualification and also sometimes on races. So yes, AWARENESS is way too overpowered stat on this game.

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  23. 75% Race Distance would be Amazing, because 1 and 2 pit stop would be equal fast. Everyone knows that in 50% Races 1 pit stop is always better then 2 pit stops. Pre race prediction of 50% Race time is sometimes equal 1 and 2 pit stops, but it is absolutely not equal, because with 2 pit stops you are losing time always behind the cars, so in 50% Races 1 Pit Stop is always faster ... In 75% Race it would be another thing ... of course you are also losing time behind the cars with 2 pit stops, but in overall you have more time to overtake those cars , so 1 and 2 pit stop would be very similar. I am playing with 50% Races, but i hate that when my teammate pitting 2x times, when 1 pit stop is faster by 5 to 10 seconds. It is very game killer for me.

    So we need :

    • 100% Races 
    • 75% Races 
    • 50% Races 
    • 25% Races
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