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  1. Who cares about that you are tired of people wanting options in to the game ?! You are also one of the older games, who like to win races using Mercedes ... I want challenge, i want equal performance, i want to see different names on podiums (F1 Driver names, not F2). I want F1 to become more interesting, not Mercedes 90% 1. and 2. position. Yes in F2 might be always approx 5 or 6 drivers on 1. places, but comon in F1 we have 1 or 2 Drivers on 1. place xDDD I want to see Ricciardo on 1. place, no chance for that with realistic performance, i want to see Leclerc, Vettel on 1. place ... No chanc
  2. I think you dont understand what i want ... maybe you have less brain then my golden fish. I wrote that i want option with F1 cars EQUAL Performance in Single Player mode, not F2 ... I think that move has only positive side, because i think lots of people want to race with F1 vs A.I. Equal performance cars. I want to see sometimes Kimi Raikkonen win the race, or maybe Ricciardo, Perez, Vettel, Leclerc, Verstappen ... Now we see 90% Hamilton or Bottas if we play Grand Prix mode ... Yes i know it is a reality, but you know reality is boring in F1 ... If Codemasters want a good Grand Prix mode
  3. Hey Codemasters !!! Please add option EQUAL CARS for F1 Cars in Grand Prix Mode. We have that option in Multiplayer section, but in Single Player we cant choose EQUAL CARS for F1 cars. You know its boring to see Mercedes 1.2. Red Bull 3. 4. positions almost in every race. Thx in advance.
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