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  1. Daz190uk

    Default Setups and Traction

    I can lower the front wing if needed. Wouldn't this decrease down force though?
  2. Daz190uk

    Default Setups and Traction

    Hi guys, I currently use no assists (other than corner racing line) and don't want to go back to turning on medium TC. I race in a league which only allows the pre-set setups. Most tracks I find setup 3 is the way to go but I do struggle with losing rear traction. It just feels a bit random, the FFB through the wheel doesnt really give any warning so it feels like a constant risk. The only settings I can change are those allowed in the MFD - has anyone got any advice on what might help dial out the rear traction issues?
  3. Daz190uk


    The game does run smoothly at 60fps on Xbox, can't talk for PS4. I'm not sure telemetry is such an advantage (it's only a training tool) and there are some apps available for console. That said I've not played on PC so couldn't compare my own lap times.
  4. Daz190uk


    Hi guys, I'm guessing crossplay isn't on the agenda at the moment but I really think it should be. There's some good new multiplayer features this year in the weekly events and leagues but our community is split 3 ways. In 2019, it doesn't have to be. I play on Xbox and I can see the size of the community limiting the effectiveness of the new features - we already only see 100-200 players in ranked lobbies which is pretty low. We need a big community to make this stuff worth playing. Here's hoping it's something that can be implemented in the future. If Rocket League can do it, I'm sure F1 can!