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  1. 07SubaruSti

    Lost Account After Update!

    How did you get ahold of anyone? How do I reach him or anyone?
  2. 07SubaruSti

    Lost Account After Update!

    I’m hoping someone, anyone can help me. I’ve even tried contacting Codemasters support via in game, support email, even telephone. Upon opening the game ( for the record playing on iPhone X, current software updates everything etc..) it made me play the tutorial after the update which I thought was odd. So I did the tutorial and went upload my profile via Gamecenter and via Facebook. EVERY single time I attempt to, the game immediately prompts an error message. “Game has experienced a serious unexpected error” and then crashes. I love the game and have spent a lot of time and hate to say it, but I have spent real money on this game. Enough that my wife would divorce me if she found out. So please can anyone help me? Codemasters support won’t even respond to me. I have also also attached a screenshot of the error prompt.