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  1. I just decided not to play ranked MP anymore until this stuff has been fixed. It's all redicoulus. Whenever I play in ranked lobbies I lose points at the end of the day. Instead I will concentrate on Career mode now...
  2. I would mostly aggree to this excellent idea, as I also had a similar idea here: Reward players with a fixed ammount of points descending from finishing Position (1 - 10, as in real live or maybe even until pos. 19). Linking the rewarded points to: 1. number of Drivers in lobby 2. skill of Opponent drivers 3. Position Change(!!!) I think we all agree here that there should not be any negative points. (or maybe even negative points could be linked to penalties, which could lead some of those crash-obsessed people to stop or just to meet on their own (when matchmaing will be ok), when they are down with their safety rating at C or D or whatever and all on Bronze skill Level). Because getting crashed at the start (due to somebody elses fault), getting a damage and then not being able to catch up to (even lower skilled drivers) and losing points for this is just the most annoying thing you can think about in this game at the moment. Yesterday I lost over 30 % of my safety Rating, because of a Crash at the start, but not even getting a warning - and also not afterwars during the rest of the race. That is just rediculous. In career mode the commentators are constantly asking each other after the race who their "racer of the day" would be. At least in F1 2018 it has been mostly the racer who has gained the most positions during the race. So obviously the importance of gaining postions (and this making a successful race to some Players) is familiar to Codemasters, otherwise they would not have added those commentaries to the game. So why not link rewarded points to gained Position? maybe 1 Point for each gained position. Of course also the fastest lap should be rewarded in skill points. So let's say a win would give 25 Points. Starting from pos. 5, getting fastest lap in a Lobby of 15 against higher skilled opponents. That would be 25 + 4 + 1 = 30 points + x % for size of Lobby (I would suggest to a Bonus of max. 100% for a full Lobby, down to + 10% for a Lobby of 11 - lobbies of 10 or less just would be the fixed points) + x % for skill of opponents ( max. + 100% related to the ammount of opponents finished behind yourself having a higher skill). In this example the winner would get 25 + 4 + 1 + 15 + 30 = 75 points. This would also lead to maybe the second placed Driver getting more points than the winner (because maybe he had started way back in the grid and the winner started from pole position. But as I don't see the obtained points of my opponents and I really don't care, as long as I don't get penalized for making a good race. A good race is always linked to the starting position. That is obviously not minded in the Status quo of the skill Level. Another Thing I have experienced is that if i did not make it through the qualifying because of entering the Lobby late and I will start from the back, I gain positions, but other Players quitting the session suddenly ending up me being last. Nevertheless for me it has been a successful race (because of gaining positions). It is not my fault if other Players quit during a race, so why should I get less points or even negative points for this? The number of divers in the Lobby should be fix at the beginning of the race session, so even if some Drivers quit there have to be given the points calculated on the originally ammount of Drivers. For example: starting in a race of 6, I am 2nd. 4 Players Crash and they all quit. So after they quit I am still 2nd. but not 2nd of 6, but 2nd of 2. Making me the last, although nobody overtook me or I made a mistake at all. With this Kind of calculating the skill points I think it would be the best solution for all players to be happy. Because then their skill Level is indeed based on their skill (resp. on their effort) and not on luck or anybody's mood to crash or not to crash. In the end it is still a game which is supposed to be fun for all. But due to these issues almost everybody playing is behaving like a raged Vettel. No race without crashes, because everyone's defending his position to the death (of the car) because nobody knows if he will get negative points after losing only one single position. Leading again to both Drivers getting negative points for crashing and ruining both races. Everybody would be much more relaxed if he knew that he still would get points although loosing a position. Then we would have much more racing and no demolition Derbys anymore.