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  1. Herbertsaupe

    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    noticed this too. i´m through 3/4 of first season in carreer mode, 50% length and mostly 85 - 90 diff.. Had only one big accident of the AI with sc deployed and mostly one guy retiring from race. Simply needs more accidents to get a good imersion, probably a little scripting?! would be ok for me!
  2. Herbertsaupe

    Race seat + Setup help

    Hi, if you go for a cheap wheel with not much force a wheestand is a good way to go and even with a fanatec v2,5 like me there are good stands to use with a normal couch chair( i had the ikea pöjang???dont know and I will check out, what wheelstand i have)...its pretty solid, round about 150€. But if you like to have a really good solid racing feeling with a fanatec wheel, you can buy the wheelstand and a racing seat seperately. My wheelstand is connected to the seat via screws. So if i dont want to play, i can use the seat to sit and push away the wheeelstand. Both parts are standing on a carpet..so they are easy to push around.
  3. Herbertsaupe

    AI way too fast in the wet now, post-patch

    Finished a race in Hungary. Conditions changed from dry to light, than heavy rain. On that track AI was perfect balanced. I could always hold my position. Difficulty was 85 or 90, MC Laren team, im on pc with fanatec wheel and pedals, patch 1.05 Today drove Spaa, quali1 dry, 5th.....quali2, medium rain position 4th. Diff. was 85. Probably big differences in tracks. Think that was the problem in this series all the years... PS: using no assists
  4. Hi i ve experienced this bug last year, too. It was very anoying and stopped me from continuing playing the career mode. I was very unhappy with codemasters reaction to this...the bug was confirmed in the technical forum, but wasn`t patched in the following months. So here we go again.. but SASColfer right now im not sure if its the same bug. I drove in spaa today with the second fastes standard setup, only the height in front and rear lowered by one, and the fuel tank was full....60kg for a 50% race. There it was the constant scrapping on long straights, but after i went back to the standard height it was ok...much, but no more permanent scraping and sparking!! So, think we need to test a little bit more. But thx for the reaction RedDevilKT. Im on PC, i have round about 1/3 of the downforce upgrades with the mc Laren team. Greetings