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    Career Mode - Lack of Racing Incidents

    noticed this too. i´m through 3/4 of first season in carreer mode, 50% length and mostly 85 - 90 diff.. Had only one big accident of the AI with sc deployed and mostly one guy retiring from race. Simply needs more accidents to get a good imersion, probably a little scripting?! would be ok for me!
  2. Hi i ve experienced this bug last year, too. It was very anoying and stopped me from continuing playing the career mode. I was very unhappy with codemasters reaction to this...the bug was confirmed in the technical forum, but wasn`t patched in the following months. So here we go again.. but SASColfer right now im not sure if its the same bug. I drove in spaa today with the second fastes standard setup, only the height in front and rear lowered by one, and the fuel tank was full....60kg for a 50% race. There it was the constant scrapping on long straights, but after i went back to the standard height it was ok...much, but no more permanent scraping and sparking!! So, think we need to test a little bit more. But thx for the reaction RedDevilKT. Im on PC, i have round about 1/3 of the downforce upgrades with the mc Laren team. Greetings