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  1. One would assume with the access they have to the real teams, if any at all. Then surely laser scanned tracks would be available, the official teams surely use them for their sims. Alot of corners on the game are just off compared to real life. They will need some serious reconsideration for 2020's release. People are not impressed by this years game.
  2. SimracerGysepy

    Ranked empty lobby issue

    So essentially unless they do something fast F1 2019 is dead.... They will have a hard sell for 2020 thats for sure, new gimmicks wont cut it... 2020 will be the last CM F1 game, licence will go elswhere...
  3. SimracerGysepy

    Just do it like ACC

    They aint even close. The fanbase they aim for have no interest in a more sim like game.. You only need to see the early access youtube streamers to realize that... If they want to go the sim route then do it, dont half arse it....
  4. Can you provide the data? People seem to be getting caught in the fact that a setup gives you the laptime.. It can certainly give you the confidence but its up to you to push the car to the limit... Hence why one setup does not suit all...
  5. SimracerGysepy


    Absolutely, TT should have full sim damage, full tyre deg and tyre temp fluctuations. Going off the racing line also should have more concequences. Seeing some if these world record attemps and esports guys, literally spending more time over the white line than inside is ridiculous. First corner in Australia comes to mind.
  6. SimracerGysepy


    Mostly in TT, the camber settings do not make much sense as the tyre temp's are a constant 100c. In saying that though people have an issue with camber being set to a minimum when in fact if you look at the settings there is a mere 1 degree of movement in the CM games, which is not very much. I agree with you though, CM simply dont have their physics engine on par with anything else hence no real world numbers to go by. The fact that you have people going 2 - 3 seconds faster than real life qualy times sais it all really.
  7. SimracerGysepy

    It's time for telemetry

    It is sent via UDP on console, i have no idea about PC as i dont use ine for gaming
  8. SimracerGysepy

    Monaco hairpin

    Benefits from a late apex as you need to be on the left of the track for Mirabeau... Watching all the onboard poles they seem to avoid the hairpin curb, for me at least, doing this in the game loses huge chunks of time. I use recardos 2018 pole as a reference lap, but bear in mind the tracks are not laser scanned, so the breaking/ turn in points will be slightly different
  9. SimracerGysepy

    Patch Notes for 1.08 – Discussion Thread

    Christ almighty, they are banging out updates week after week and it seems they coild not give a monkeys about the main issues.... This will be my last in the F1 series from CM anyway thats for sure...
  10. SimracerGysepy

    It's time for telemetry

    Its pointless in time trial, the reason the crazy camber + suspension setups exist in the first place is simply because CM insist on tyre temps fixed to 100c. Therefore tyre temp does not matter in tt. They realy need a tt option with all settings availabe the same as GP mode... Tyres degrade and temps affected... Otherwise its not the fastest people its the people who can exploit the games physics to suit a single lap.
  11. SimracerGysepy

    It's time for telemetry

    One of the biggest problems with f1 2019 is they do not have any damper related setup options. Its a critical setup option in any formula car
  12. SimracerGysepy

    F1 2019 Telemtry App, RacingSimTools.com

    This is sorted now thanks to the guys at srt...
  13. SimracerGysepy

    Traction loss

    You are right, there is a really fine line between getting it right and the back end stepping out. I like it though, it feels on the edge..... Are you getting the oversteer on corner exit when you put the throttle down?
  14. SimracerGysepy

    Traction loss

    I was als going to mention that in the video with vettel, he obviously cannot feel the car beneath him so all that he and us all have to go buy are visual queues and steering feel
  15. SimracerGysepy

    It's time for telemetry

    It does send out a good bit if Data, but they really need to set the ingame settings to some meaningful numbers....