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  1. So a completely fantastical story mode with questionable quality should come first over the basic features to even resemble the season the game is named after? It's is simply not good enough that the cars and track order are not even correct, that is the bare minimum. They had such a hit with MyTeam last year and they dropped the ball with trying to make F1 Eastenders.
  2. Yep, we're almost halfway into this season so there is plenty of data to go off of. I am waiting for performance to be sorted before I start my career properly.
  3. Let me preface this by saying I really enjoy F1 and the Codemasters F1 games so this is not senseless bashing but this game has really underwhelmed me. - Car performance is completely wrong, I understood why last year it wasn't sorted as the season had only just begun but this time around we're almost halfway done. Seriously there has been plenty of time for changes to be made, comes off as they don't care as people will buy it anyway. - Season calendar does not represent the real season. I am not talking about the missing tracks as I understand why they are missing but what makes n
  4. I did not mean the development team specifically but those who are community managers and moderators. I should have been more clear in who I meant.
  5. No need to stress out the team by harping on this. Just be patient and remember you are there to provide meaningful feedback on issues like bugs, not just have an early joyride!
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