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  1. OK, this is weird. I routinely started my PC and connected my wheel just now. Tried F1 2019 just in case. It works. It seemed to solve itself. I guess problems starting with 1.05 patch was just a coincidence. Maybe some software is interfering with my controller settings. I'll report back if it happens again or if I find the culprit. Cheers for your help.
  2. I couldn't get G-Hub to detect my peripherals including G29, only recognizes the keyboard. I'm still using LGS.
  3. Since the 1.05 update my Logitech G29 steering wheel does not center at zero. When wheel is physically centered, game detects a slight steer to the right. Also adds a deadzone to the right. Game detects steering at zero when wheel is physically turned to left. Pedals work normally. Assetto Corsa and other games still center wheel properly. Problem is only present in F1 2019 since 1.05 update. 1.04 was working. I tried reinstalling Logitech Gaming Software, deleting the device from device manager and deleting all related registry keys. Nothing works. I don't have Project Cars 2 or any other software modifying registry keys. This is default setup. I'm using Steam version on Windows 10.