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  1. Seems tyre wear reverts back to the race so its all good on that front.
  2. 1 lap on softs in practice = 21% wear. Flying lap... 1lap on softs in qualifying = 10% wear. Flying lap... However in 50% race medium tyres know last 32 laps and hard tyres last 44 laps in 33 lap race. So there will be no more 2 stops in a 50% race ever at that rate, makes it a little more predictable. Everyone will be only running softs and mediums to finish probably won’t effect Ai however.
  3. Yes it not 100% perfect but no different than 1.05
  4. Just downloaded 1.06 and couldn’t tell a difference from 1.05 with frame rate issues, regular PS4. Just my opinion but seems ok to me
  5. PS4 users anyonelse noticing massive frame rate drops with 1.06 in career mode.
  6. Anyone else noticing frame rate drops on the regular PS4, Holding off for now but is it that bad what others have made it out to be cheers
  7. Just received a 10 place grid penalty for changing my 1st gear box. After doing some research this was in last years game as a bug. Have they still not fixed this issue. I have the latest 1.05 version. Also do penalty’s carry over into the next GP. Should of brought in all new engine components as well if I new I was getting a ten place grid drop.
  8. Hi, was wondering if other teams will offer me a contract during or at the end of the season like the ai do. i have noticed I can negotiate with other teams but ultimately would prefer to get an offer. hoefully you can’t negotiate with any team you want, if so how do you guys play it out. New player thanks in advance.