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  1. Ok i agree with you: for sure this is an important news and so an important selling points. But we can't say this is a real improvement if is unreal like in the most of the cases. I repeat, for me the best way to make everyone happy, is to have the possibility to choose to have the driver transfer or not, for example like i can decide to have the formation lap or something similar. For sure the best way is to have an advise of the transfer before it happen and give the "final veto": but i can understand it could be difficoult to implement. I really hope Codemaster could do something asap in the next patches...
  2. Good morning everybody. Please consider in the future patch to introduce the way to remove or put a "final veto" to the driver transfer. I really hate them because they makle absolutely unrealistic the seasons! Hamilton, who lead the campionship, cannot suddendly leave mercedes and go in Renault!!!!! Is not possible to have 6/8 transfer every season, expecially in the middle! Please do something ASAP. I understand these transfers are an important news in this title, but please consider who want to play a more "realistic" career. What do you think about? Please Codemaster consider this! Tx