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  1. Interested in racing **FORMULA 2** in the F1 2020 game? **SLR** is running an F2 tier with **rarely fewer than 18 drivers** We're currently approaching round 8 of 10 in the third season of SLR F2 and thanks to good race attendance we will most likely do another season before the F1 2021 game releases. **Races are most Saturdays at 21:00 CET** we have a few break weeks during the season to make sure drivers don't get burnt out. **We don't limit ourselves to real F2 tracks only**, instead we make custom calendars where we pick some of the best circuits available in the F1 2020
  2. When is the F2 2020 car releasing? Codemasters said at the game's release that an F2 2020 dlc would be released later this year. Last year it was released late September and we're now in late November, so I am wondering if we will have to wait all the way till late December or if there will there be any news any time soon.
  3. I realise that the game is supposed to hand out a warning for extending track limits, but three warnings in this case is that intentional?
  4. In this case there were no previous warnings.
  5. Correction: I meant turn 16 not 15 of course. But you could probably tell that from the video.
  6. In turn 15 at China with corner cutting stringency set to strict, you can sometimes get three track limit warnings for going wide once. Is this intentional or is it a bug? https://streamable.com/wxzvo2
  7. I noticed an error with Boschung's name in the "F1® 2020 First Look | My Team" video; at 0:47 it is incorrectly spelt "Borschung".
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