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  1. Gysepy-Simracer

    Anyone use mirrors in cockpit?

    This is the last F1 codemasters release i will buy unless a virtual mirror is implemented
  2. Gysepy-Simracer

    F1 2019 circuit differences compared to real life.

    Unless they lazerscan the tracks its all pointless.
  3. Gysepy-Simracer

    What sadistic ******* created Singapore?

    So much more time left to gain, - the wall clipping and oversteer in the last two cornersūüėĀ
  4. Gysepy-Simracer

    What sadistic ******* created Singapore?

    Love Singapore, you really need to get inro a rythm around there or it aint happening... But once it clicks it is one of the best tracks in my opinion.
  5. They could introduce, damage, tyre degradation + tyre wear in time trial, basically the same as a GP race but the track is to yourself
  6. Gysepy-Simracer

    Time to update Spa Francorchamps

    Do the teams not have access to lazer scanned tracks for their simulators? This really needs to be implemented, if the tracks are nit correctly depicted then how can it be simulating anything correctly.
  7. Gysepy-Simracer

    Car varies every mode and session

    I have even noticed in tt that the cars handles weird sometimes, it feels like something is being scripted....
  8. Gysepy-Simracer

    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    Lazer scanned tracks has to be a priority... Dont be claiming most authentic F1 otherwise.... Damage, tyre and fuel wear in time trial.... Better setup options
  9. Gysepy-Simracer

    List of 3rd party tools using F1 2019 UDP Telemetry

    1.05, its working now but i had to select 2018 in the games udp options
  10. Gysepy-Simracer

    List of 3rd party tools using F1 2019 UDP Telemetry

    I had to select 2018 for the ingame udp settings and it is now giving data.
  11. Gysepy-Simracer

    List of 3rd party tools using F1 2019 UDP Telemetry

    This is the one that is working for me
  12. Gysepy-Simracer

    List of 3rd party tools using F1 2019 UDP Telemetry

    I have tried with only this app initially and got nothing, all is setup correctly.. Tried with the secind app only and i am getting data...
  13. Gysepy-Simracer

    List of 3rd party tools using F1 2019 UDP Telemetry

    I cannot get this working on the onex, no data is being received. I had no issue with 2018...just as an fyi, i also have another similar prigram running which is pulling the data no problem
  14. Gysepy-Simracer

    Tips for a beginner in Monaco?

    Here ya go bud, i managed a 1:12.2. I dont bother with the fastest time trial times and juts like to enjoy it. Hope it helps you out, any ? let me know: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UczcyxMzOds
  15. Gysepy-Simracer

    Favorite race length in career

    100%, i find it provides consistency with the AI, allows me to settle into the race and make smart decisions. 50% also allows this to an extent but anything below introduces random variables in my opinion. I also do full Practice and qually sessions matching what the real weekend is like, Friday i will do the first P1 and P2 session's spread over an evening,, Sat i do the P3 and qually and finally Sun the 100%.... Brings the game alive in my opinion rather that the dare i say "biggest youtube guys" 25% and on a daily basis and banging out 2-3 vids a day...