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  1. AAM Highland F1 Team Had this livery for a few season now and although I love it I may change it next season
  2. Thanks for clearing that up, makes more sense now but yes the system could be better, look forward to hearing what you come up with!
  3. @BarryBL is this something you can clear up for us? Whether the stats are meant to be temporary or is this a bug know to the team?
  4. This is one of my gripes currently with this mode, I have Calderon as my team mate and have invested in her and the facilities heavily and although she has improved from 59 to 72 I still feel that she should be rated higher, especially as I have my simulator fully upgraded plus I always issue the activities that helps improve her ratings yet she still seems to hang around the 72 rating! I did notice that after I first finished upgrading the simulator fully heading into a new season and she did shoot up to 85 which I was happy about but then her rating dipped back to 72 again! Hopeful
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