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  1. Duffman1986

    Swapping Engine Supplier

    Morning all, if you sway your engine supplier after the season has finished do all the power unit and durability upgrades get removed or do they carry over onto the new unit? I'm guessing they probably don't but just want clarity before I decide to take the plunge or not, thanks
  2. Duffman1986


    AAM Highland F1 Team Had this livery for a few season now and although I love it I may change it next season
  3. Duffman1986

    Regulation changes

    I had a power unit regulation change at the end of season 1 so yes it can happen Now on season 3 and have almost all my R&D development done so I'm really hoping I don't have one for every department at the end of the season, seen it happen!
  4. Duffman1986

    2nd Driver

    Thanks for clearing that up, makes more sense now but yes the system could be better, look forward to hearing what you come up with!
  5. Duffman1986

    2nd Driver

    @BarryBL is this something you can clear up for us? Whether the stats are meant to be temporary or is this a bug know to the team?
  6. Have the same issue, was working fine before Xbox patch 1.02, really hope this gets sorted out as it's really annoying!
  7. Duffman1986

    2nd Driver

    This is one of my gripes currently with this mode, I have Calderon as my team mate and have invested in her and the facilities heavily and although she has improved from 59 to 72 I still feel that she should be rated higher, especially as I have my simulator fully upgraded plus I always issue the activities that helps improve her ratings yet she still seems to hang around the 72 rating! I did notice that after I first finished upgrading the simulator fully heading into a new season and she did shoot up to 85 which I was happy about but then her rating dipped back to 72 again! Hopefully this is something that can be clarified and sorted by Codies in the very near future!
  8. Duffman1986

    I love this game BUT.......

    It is yes, but these are the ones that I feel need to be changed in the near future, if I was to spend time listing all the other bugs it would be one hell of a long post 😂
  9. I just started my F2 career last night hoping that it would integrate really well with the F1 career mode but now I have read this I don't see any point in actually taking part in it now! Such a shame, Codies really need to have a rethink on this mode and how to make it properly affect an F1 career mode!
  10. Duffman1986

    Your end of season retirements/moves

    In season 3 in my team and only had Kimi retire and De Vries take his place so far
  11. Duffman1986

    I love this game BUT.......

    There are a few minor issues that I hope will get resolved on Xbox sooner rather than later: 1. Team acclaim working out backwards instead of forwards, this was working fine before update 1.02 on Xbox but now this update has been installed it keeps working out back to front 2. The rating of your second driver seems to fluctuate too much, on the contract screen it is worked out by their initial driver rating then adds on the addition stats as + etc where as on the finance screen it works it out as the total rating which I must admit I do prefer this way then adding on the stats afterwards. Would be nice if Codemasters kept it this way rather than the 2 confusing ratings they have now! 3. Graphics popping, was a lot worse before update 1.02 but still happening a fair bit, usually get better with updates so fingers crossed it will be the same with this game! 4. Loading times, don't know if this is system wide but the loading times are WAY too long on the Xbox version of the game, had quite a few people tell me this is due to the old hardware but F1 2019 was no where near as bad as this game right now, the amount of time spent in "please wait" and "loading" is definitely not just hardware related! These just seem like minor niggles which they are, but niggles that shouldn't really take too much sorting out and would just make the game that little bit less frustrating in my view!
  12. Duffman1986

    Acclaim going backwards on xbox after patch

    I am also getting this issue, same as you was fine before patch but now going backwards
  13. Duffman1986

    Long time Codemasters Fan

    Hey all Finally decided to join the forums, been a long time Codemasters fan ever since the original TOCA Touring Cars Currently still playing F1 2019 and really looking forward to F1 2020, especially being able to drive for and manage my own team! Look forward to chatting to you all