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  1. maxibone33

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    @BarryBLjust had a league race on unranked, didn't have the audio glitch. However, over 50% of the lobby at some point were booted because "disconnected to xbox live" but they are still connected, i received 15s under safety car because 1) stupid contact, 2) illegal overtake cos somebody passed me incorrectly and gave me the place back , 3) the track stayed yellow flags on the SC restart under 2nd corner instead of green after start finish line. The host even got booted out. This game is completely broken, impossible to league race, so nope won't be filling out a pointless bug report, can't play the game. Even the f1 esports was a joke. Wish you the best of luck
  2. maxibone33

    Patch 1.12 | PATCH NOW LIVE

    I don't see it on this list, but for anyone who has watched the latest round of f1 esports, the engine being at max revs the entire time in spectator mode is just embarassing. Its been around for years, any ETA on a fix?
  3. maxibone33

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    https://clips.twitch.tv/DeliciousAthleticYogurtFailFish Clip in the dry, same issue, just as an FYI
  4. Hi guys. I'm in the second season of my team. My car is ranked number 1 and I'm doing well. I have Lando Norris as my teammate and I've trained him to a 90 overall but for some odd reason he never finishes in the top 10. Is this a bug? 

  5. maxibone33

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    The second clip i posted was from @Pilske, he uses wired headphones and same issue Its definitely the game, party chat works fine at the same time and all other games are fine with our wired/wireless headsets respectively.
  6. maxibone33

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    I'm using turtle beach stealth 600, bluetooth i believe. I have tried settings on xbox on both windows sonic and stereo uncompressed but run into the same issues. I also use the stock t-cam camera. Doesn't happen in TT. Has happened to me in unranked and MyTeam (the only two modes i've played). Zandvoort every single time i've raced there. Always fine in quali, then for the race its messed up. It may be something to do with when it rains? not sure. Actually scratch that, has happened in the dry too. At the moment i only play the game every tuesday for league racing, so i will get the report code then if it happens.
  7. maxibone33

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    A detailed description of the issue. Qualifying is always fine, as soon as we move into the race the sound is always glitched and stuttery. Does not matter wet or dry. Platform Xbox One X What version of the game you are using (Shown on the start screen in the bottom left corner of the screen) 1.10.1 Ranked/Unranked/Leagues Unranked Wired or Wireless Connection? Wired The amount of players in your session? 20 drivers + 1 streamer Were you the host? No Did this issue happens for everyone in the session, just some people or just yourself? What did they see? A few people in the session, i have two clips. We need to be able to make your problem happen internally so we can fix the issue. Can you make the problem happen again? Happens almost every race so no problem How do you make the problem happen? Playing the game. Can you add a report code. How to find this is in Main Menu > Game Options > Settings > 16 digit code in the bottom left of the screen. Please make sure that this is the code from the session you had the issue in. Adding report codes from as many users in your session as possible would be really helpful here. Too late now. Video of the issue, including timestamps. Did you stream the session? My clip : https://clips.twitch.tv/SpineyObliviousElephantOneHand Another clip : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/769545497 @BarryBL There ya go, i think its sad that nothing is done unless this form is filled out.
  8. maxibone33

    Audio glitching throughout a session

    @BarryBL I get this every single race to the point where i am now unable to league race. Platform : Xbox One X - only in online lobbies. Qualifying is always fine, as soon as we move into the race the sound is always glitched and stuttery. Does not matter wet or dry. My clip : https://clips.twitch.tv/SpineyObliviousElephantOneHand Another clip : https://www.twitch.tv/videos/769545497 Please can you look into this.
  9. maxibone33

    ERS Stuck on overtake

    in every single league race i have participated (unranked xbox) someone has had this issue. Stop ignoring it and take it seriously. And no they didn't have it on during formation lap. They deployed it once and it never turned off and their races and our league ruined.
  10. maxibone33

    Game full of bugs

    To be honest, every single time i've gone through the effort of filling out the form i've got ignored. The issue he is describing is quite simple, car got DSQ despite following the correct tyre strat. There's video evidence and you can see from the button layout its xbox. In fact, in almost every league race i've had somebody has had to retire because their overtake button was stuck on the entire race. There's no point making a thread, codies are aware just unable to fix
  11. Why is there no further update on this? Is the solution really that hard? Just refund everyone the Schumacher DLC, problem solved.
  12. I agree with what you are saying but you aren't factoring in that on PC, the percentage of players not using ABS is higher than the percentage of players not using ABS on console. That being said, you are correct, if you don't want to race with people using ABS then don't race in an assist league. And if you're complaining that somebody on top of the TT leaderboard has done a time with ABS on, wait until an esports driver properly grinds it out and then you'll see its not actually faster, if anything its just equal.
  13. maxibone33

    No pitcoins still

    At least you get pitcoins from going up the tiers, i don't recieve any on Xbox
  14. maxibone33


    Put it here, they are working on it
  15. @BarryBL I have the same issue, here is your bug report. I don't understand why people who don't follow the template are simply ignored, but those are the rules it seems. 1. After pressing retry practice programme, turning the wheel fully to the right of left activates look left or look right, applying full brake pressure activates look behind. 2. 1.03 - Xbox One X 3. All 4. All the time after pressing retry practice programme. 5. Restarting the session fixes the issue. 6. TM TX base, TM Open wheel rim, T-LCM pedals 7. Self explanatory from above