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  1. Will make a complete bug report, sorry.
  2. Sorry maby it was my english but i finished first but at the podium i was not there. and in the list i was a lap down. That must be a bug.
  3. So finally after all those years without a coop career me and a friend started one. First race was ok, no problems at all but second race in Spain the AI was acting strange. We started at 85 but in Spain the AI was acting like they are 110. besides that Stroll was the race winner and Max and Lewis was half way the field.... Next race Monaco we had the same problem. so then 1.6 came out. We started a new save. I finished first and my friend second but after the race my friend was first and i was 12th and 1 lap down lol. This game is bugged like always we stopped playing alre
  4. It seems like you cannot add the stats but players will get higher or lower stats over time. If you look the video (at the 7 min mark) of Tiametmarduk you can see Ricciardo is 88 when he starts at 87 and Norris is 78 when he starts at 79. It is also interesting to see Nick de Vries is in the game when he is not driving F1 or F2. This will say more drivers outside of F1 and F2 will be in the game. 🙂 Also Tiametmarduk makes a good point. Why do we need to pay for paydrivers like Stroll and Latifi when we should get money from them.
  5. Lol how can bottas be 90 😵 and Ham 94? They must be including the car. Russel 75? Less then Stroll? Do you defs even wach F1?
  6. Yeh my bad, was reading it wrong. My English is not the best 😄
  7. More complete? You mean he has the best car for years? Even Bottas was second in the standings en Rosberg beat him. That is how good that car is.
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