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  1. RPJ1984

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    Nothing maby we get some skins. Its so funny they are called code masters when they cannot code. Copy bug masters suits better
  2. RPJ1984

    R&D System 2019

    The R&D system need to go if you ask me. They cant get it right anyway. We want to race. R&D should go automatic, drivers got no influence on this. Same goes for the practise sessions i want to skip because i want to race. Give us an option to shut it off, that **** is wasting my time. Make it more interesting for the driver. Make more cutscenes.... getting bored of the same cutscenes for years now. CM is so lasy they dont even think of that, not even 2 diffrent cutscenes no always the same ****. They even copy Jef and the things he say. Even Jef is moving to another team when you do. The wear on the components is nice but why we cannot find it in leagues or online championship so you can do it with your friends? Oh wait Online championship is gone. Someone forgot to paste? And a save option? hell no why would the player base want that?
  3. RPJ1984

    Where is the 1.10 patch?

    I can only laugh About this. I am not surprised nothing is fixed. This game cannot be fixed. That is what you get when you copy paste all stuff including bugs from older versions. Its all about the money. They tricked us by telling us they worked 2 years on this. Well i can tell you this is the worst f1 game by far. They did a Better job on f1 2010 by far lol. What a Joke company CM is at this point. I even rate EA higher. 😂 they didnt even manage to fix the older games so why would they fix this mess? Its all dreams but it will never happen. They got your money so the only thing for them is to make even more money. Fixes wont give them money. Besides that you really think we want SCI-Fi stuff in a f1 game? Well it make you money right? 🤣😂🤣😂 stop make a Joke of yourself CM whats next? Flying cars??
  4. RPJ1984

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    They give up on this game like me and my friends did. They got your money anyway so why fix stuff. How hard can it be to ADD a save button when you have 400 ppl working for CM. They laugh at us and will do it again next year. I have 2010 till 2019 and this will be my last game from CM i will even skip GRID. Its sad we have no other option to play f1. I hope liberty media wake up and give the licence to another company.
  5. RPJ1984

    Driver Performance Update

    They cannot copy/past that so it wont happen
  6. RPJ1984

    PC Xbox Crossplay

    Codemaster don’t care indeed. They do not try out new stuff. They copy paste the game from last year, including the bugs, remove stuff without telling us. ADD half baked leagues no one uses. Remove fun playing with your friends. Make the game frustrating and step away from the real F1. How many ppl do you have at Bugmasters? 400 right? Even 400 ppl dont know / care what we want. Beter copy paste all **** en get your money easy. We have no other option to play another f1 game sadly. Time to sell my Seat and wheel. Thanks for nothing
  7. RPJ1984

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Still no news on this? Just ADD a save button how hard can it be? From loving f1 2018 to hating f1 2019 and you say you worked 2 years on this? For the next game... only ADD stuff dont remove stuff listen to the community ppl make there own leagues without you system. You wasted your time on things ppl dont want. If you guys only listen to the ppl who play the game things like this wont happen. I have seen ppl ask for things you ignore coop championship. vr support but oh well that must be hard to make when you managed it already years back with other games. AI like in most aaa games you know ai that is fun to race against. Damage like in most games. Ai never gets damage Its just a copy past from last year. Why spend time on the damage model when you can spend time on wasted feature like leagues no one uses. I can go on but you guys are clearly lost and dont deserve the f1 licence. Do not forget ppl buy this game to play f1 Its not even close to the f1 in real life. Almoust 10 years working on f1 and still didnt learn what ppl want.
  8. RPJ1984

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    The ai is like this for years sadly. That happens when you give copy/paste masters the license. There are Very old games with better ai. They also never lose there front wing or get any damage. Never seen a company that is so lasy apart from EA. Its all About the money now days. They get your money anyway why put some work on it? Last time i could not save a game was wen i played on my NES. 30 years back Its so sad. The game is unplayable with friends.
  9. RPJ1984

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Please ADD save game in leagues or unranked. Feels like just 1 person is still working on this game. Copy paste it from 2018 like you do with all the stuff every year
  10. RPJ1984

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Totally agree. How can Liberty Media accept this? This should be a copy of the real F1. Feel like a F1 driver together with your friends. The AI is worst then ever. You worked on this game for almoust 10 years now and still didnt learn what ppl want. Pathetic.
  11. RPJ1984

    Why F1 2019 career sucks

    Coop championship mode you mean? they traded it in for leagues and stupid skins we never asked for. Cannot even play a championship with my friends anymore. This game is a mess. it is all copy paste bugs from years back. Copy paste stuff from years back. Nothing new at all. They dont even care they got you money and will copy paste the game for next season and steal you money again. Done with codemasters.
  12. RPJ1984

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Played 2018 for some time after 2019 came out but my friends are done with codemasters. I hope another company make A great f1 game soon or i need to sell my seat and wheel 😔
  13. RPJ1984

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    We are 2 months waiting already on Something you can copy paste. Not even 1 usefull comment on this. Last codemasters game for me. How can liberty media accept this game when it Has nothing to do with real life. You worked 2 years on what? Skins? Stupid league no one uses? This game was overhyped too much that you Guy's tricked us in buying this mess.
  14. RPJ1984


    Nice list but do you really think they will listen to us? I see this kind of list every year. The only thing they do is copy paste the same stuff all over again. They add useless skins and stuff ppl dont want. Remove Online championship most ppl like for no reason and tell us they worked 2 years on this copy paste mess. Easy money for them like every year. We dont even have VR in this game its 2019 you know how lasy when a Dirt from 2015 got VR. I bet most companys do it better when they get the licence. How long are we asking already for a online championship? How many years and you spend your resources on skins and a league mode ppl dont like in unrealistic cars. The fun is over for me and my friends. we cannot even play together like before. Last F1 game for me after so many years. We dont even play 2019 and are tired of 2018
  15. RPJ1984

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    Is it so hard to copy paste it from the last game? 2 years working on this? Its really sad, not even a usefull comment from you guys.