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  1. RPJ1984

    Championship mode neglected again

    Still no answer on my questions like always. Even you ignore the point i am making. Why the silence en why no update on the biggest toppic on the forum for over a year? You know they copy stuff so why not copy something so many ppl are asking for whil CM adds stuff ppl are not asking for. Give me 1 answer on 1 of those things in place of defending all the time with nonsense.
  2. RPJ1984

    What I'm hoping will be fixed in the next patch

    Remove micro transactions, fix the bugs from last 5 years you didnt fix but did copy again. Most important add (copy from F12018) Coop championship.
  3. RPJ1984

    Championship mode neglected again

    And what about 2019 then? And still i dont get why they dont say so if that is the case. silence for more then a year on the biggest toppic on the forum. 🤯You cannot defend this UP100. The silence alone says how mutch they care about the customer. It is a big middel finger to the ppl that loved it but some still got hope it is comming back. Just tell us it is not comming back. How hard can that be? And how do you explain they can put resources on stuff ppl dont want? CM wants them because it makes money thats all.
  4. RPJ1984

    Championship mode neglected again

    Lol there was a post (15 pages) about it last year and we are still waiting for an answer. So even when CM knows about it they dont care and ignore it. Its better to put your resources on space gloves or a senta helmet because that stuff can make you money right? They simply don't care about the ppl that play the game, they got your money already anyway. they kopie the whole game but the good part they forget and i still dont get it.
  5. Me and my friend also got this **** going on, did you guys test the game or did you copy all the bugs again because i have seen some from F1 2019 already. 😫
  6. RPJ1984

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    So?? Is this in F1 2020? We waited 1 year already and still no answer. How hard can it be?
  7. It seems like you cannot add the stats but players will get higher or lower stats over time. If you look the video (at the 7 min mark) of Tiametmarduk you can see Ricciardo is 88 when he starts at 87 and Norris is 78 when he starts at 79. It is also interesting to see Nick de Vries is in the game when he is not driving F1 or F2. This will say more drivers outside of F1 and F2 will be in the game. 🙂 Also Tiametmarduk makes a good point. Why do we need to pay for paydrivers like Stroll and Latifi when we should get money from them.
  8. Lol how can bottas be 90 😵 and Ham 94? They must be including the car. Russel 75? Less then Stroll? Do you defs even wach F1?
  9. Yeh my bad, was reading it wrong. My English is not the best 😄
  10. More complete? You mean he has the best car for years? Even Bottas was second in the standings en Rosberg beat him. That is how good that car is.
  11. You are handycapping yourself by using your old TV. You learned yourself how to drive with a lag wich is bad. In real life you dont have a lag. Keep in mind the input lag will get lower with the years. So it will be even harder to switch in 2025 when you buy a new tv again. Why do you think gaming monitors have like 1-5 MS imput lag? Some older TV's have a Input lag of 40 MS New TV's have a lag of around 15 MS in gaming mode.. that is still much higher then a monitor. I bet when you master it you will be even faster then you are now on your old TV. Give it a week or so. Besides that, F1 2020 will be diffrent so maby it's smart to start using the new TV with the new game. You need to learn some bits again anyway and thats how it goes in real life (F1) also.
  12. your turns are early because of the lower input lag your new screen has. It is better to keep your new screen. lower is better but you need to get used to it. Gamemode on TV's gives you a lower input lag, when you put it off there is a chance it's more like your old TV.
  13. RPJ1984

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    So and is it back in 2020? Please let me know, i wont buy the game without it. We have 1 month left and still there is almoust no info.
  14. RPJ1984

    How to play F1 2019 with my son

    Sadly yes I dont know how old you son is but if you want to restart when something goes wrong there is no option for it sadly. You need to restart the training and Quali again 😞 and lose you progress. You can buy f1 2018 for just 10 dollar so you will be cheaper out.
  15. RPJ1984

    No Online Championship on F1 2019

    @BarryBL Can you tell us what was the reason they removed Online championship mode? we never got that answer. What is so hard about it to get is back? Same goes for the save option..... You guys did copy the whole game of 2018 including bugs but copy Online championship mode everyone wants seems like impossible to copy for you guys. Seems like you dont want to step away from the pointless leagues system that never works. I try to understand how you guys think but it seems impossible to understand for me and my friends. Its all about the $$$$ nowdays in the gaming industry and they get away with it. bought a new car last week. What do you think what would happen when half the stuff in the car was not working????? Yep they fix the car ... We only get a big middle finger from you guys i need to puke about it. 🤮 Telling us you worked on it for 2 years 🤦‍♂️ .... another big middle finger. 300 ppl at codemaster how the ***** you cannot get it to work for once. Games from 10 years back got better AI and less bugs. You guys dont deserve the F1 license, i hope you will lose it soon, time for another company to take over. The only reason F1 by codes is so populair because there is not other option to play F1.