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  1. BuzzTics

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I'm at Singapore first season and haven't seen it once. Had a VSC for about half a lap at Silverstone and that's it. I have played about with turning Safety Car off during Practice and turning it back on for before races, etc. in an attempt to boot it into providing a SC but still nothing.
  2. BuzzTics

    No sound during qualifying

    This has happened to me one time just on a Q3 of my offline Career. I can't remember which circuit.
  3. Has anyone else noticed a lack of racing incidents in comparison to last year's game? I drive 100% races with 89 AI and the only ever incidents listed on this year's game are retirements due to failures and maybe one or two collisions between AI (usually when Vettel/Hamilton are lapping a Williams). In last year's game I ran the same set up (100% and 89 AI) and there was a page full of racing incidents - Collisions, penalties, engine failures - literally about 20-30 of them a race and as I say on this year's there are only approximately 3 per race. I feel like this has an impact on the lack of safety car discussed in other threads.