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  1. Has anyone else noticed a lack of racing incidents in comparison to last year's game? I drive 100% races with 89 AI and the only ever incidents listed on this year's game are retirements due to failures and maybe one or two collisions between AI (usually when Vettel/Hamilton are lapping a Williams). In last year's game I ran the same set up (100% and 89 AI) and there was a page full of racing incidents - Collisions, penalties, engine failures - literally about 20-30 of them a race and as I say on this year's there are only approximately 3 per race. I feel like this has an impact on the lack of safety car discussed in other threads.
  2. BuzzTics

    Safety Car is so hard to bring out ...

    I'm at Singapore first season and haven't seen it once. Had a VSC for about half a lap at Silverstone and that's it. I have played about with turning Safety Car off during Practice and turning it back on for before races, etc. in an attempt to boot it into providing a SC but still nothing.
  3. BuzzTics

    No sound during qualifying

    This has happened to me one time just on a Q3 of my offline Career. I can't remember which circuit.