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  1. Been waiting for this news, yay. Relaying this to my friends. Gonna buy the game.
  2. That's unfair. When I bought the game and was completely confused on where the Online Championship mode was, this thread helped me realise I should return the game. It is useful to people who stumble across it, as a warning.
  3. Oh wow, you can't do f2 cars in league either. At least equal performance would make sense there...
  4. Not even coop career. Versus careers would be more fun. Which F1 Drivers in real life are doing coop?
  5. I think the leagues are the real kicker. They are literally just an esports tool. They have no bearing on actual F1 (like the career mode attempts). Seems like there's a fork in the road between esports and F1 driver simulator. I play these games because I want to feel like I'm an F1 driver, not a pasty esports Pro.
  6. Appreciate the response @Faya. I think everyone is hoping that this will be patched into the current game rather than waiting until F1 2020. That's what concerns me, at least. F1 2019 is a phenomenal game that is lacking such an easy feature. I think everyone here agrees that we will enjoy this game, but we want to play it with friends. I think the interest and views in this thread has shown that there's a sizeable appetite for multiplayer career modes. Which to me, are the next step up from the online championship. Getting rid of the online championship feature has made many of us
  7. And allow realistic car settings so we can progress up the teams.
  8. Yeah I'm going to have to get a steam refund. My friends are refusing to buy it because it lacks a realistic F1 championship, which previous games had. Shame. Different racing games then.
  9. Ah cool, so can just track with excel from there? Not perfect, but thanks man phew
  10. The issue I have is the 'realistic' setting for cars. I loved how the differences in cars introduced real advantages/disadvantages that occur in proper F1. I always drove RBR and loved the handling then having to drive harder on the power-circuits. Excel sheets can't bring that back 😕
  11. Oh no! I just bought this game. Is this a feature that's coming back Codemasters to F1 2019? Otherwise I'll need to refund, online careers/championships is all I wanted.
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