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  1. MPHGP817

    R O B O T J E F F

    Professor Hawking came back to life as an F1 engineer.
  2. MPHGP817

    No car behind you bug

    Jeff will tell me during a practice session “you’re in the top ten now” when I post a lap a second and a half quicker than second place.
  3. MPHGP817

    100% R&D failure rate

    I decided to start another career with Red Bull and I’ve made it to Monaco and every single performance upgrade failed the first time. I’ve had careers with other teams where I very rarely had upgrade failures. If a team had failure rates of 100% there would definitely be a lot of people getting fired.
  4. MPHGP817

    My full practice programme

    P1 I like to do Track Acclimation, Tire Management, and Fuel Management (on the Mediums I used for the Tire Management test). Then P2 I do my Qualifying sim and Race Pace tests because P2 is at the same time of day as Qualifying and the Race. In P3 I do the ERS test and fine tune my setup.
  5. MPHGP817


    I’m a Pérez fan and I think he’s somewhat OP too. I think he’s been OP since 2013 because he had a few awesome drives in the Sauber in 2012 and since then he’s scored a few more podiums in the Force India/Racing Points since then.
  6. MPHGP817


    To top it off it seems like the AI teams don’t invest reliability. The only way I could get ahead, barely, was pretty much ignore investing in reliability myself. I accepted the fact that I would take grid penalties. In F1 2018 I would throw most of my resources into reliability and it would be solid by season 2. I also noticed from starting partial careers with Ferrari and Renault there’s a difference in initial reliability, Renault’s was really bad. The initial reliability with Alfa Romeo was ok compared to McLaren with the Alfa Romeo wearing 5-7% less than McLaren.
  7. MPHGP817

    Rivals R&D pace is too fast

    I haven’t switched to any other teams but I have a theory on why the AI teams develop so fast. I don’t think the AI purchases any reliability upgrades. I kind of did the same thing but only purchased the General Maintenance plus one gearbox and ICE reliability upgrade and that’s how I was able to get ahead. Sure I’m prepared for grid penalties but oh well.