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  1. Even when I achieve some of the objectives the game says I didn’t. For example if it say use “DRS for all zones” and then I use DRS for all zones it doesn’t mark off. Or “set optimal 2nd sector time” and I go purple for every sector it won’t mark off. Repot Code-CCJC-PXVM-PEPE-GAEG Platform-Xbox One Mode-Driver Career sometimes I have to restart the session or I try it on Soft compound tires.
  2. I’ve noticed since the last update during practice and qualifying the AI cars don’t move over like they used to before the most recent update. For example I’m in Q2 at Hungary and because there was a threat of rain I was one of the first ones out. While on my hot lap I caught Verstappen who just left the pits in turns 2/3 and he didn’t move over. I’ve only recently (in the last three or four days) noticed it. Has anyone else encountered this?
  3. In my current career I get a Safety Car about every 5 races.
  4. The AI are so bad at pit strategy that I feel like I’m cheating. It’s especially bad when there’s changeable conditions.
  5. Something I always do on my first lap of the Race Sim is I put it in Lean for a few slow corners on my first lap and then I do my other three laps on Standard. Just putting in Lean for a few slow corners usually gets the Conserve Fuel bonus if applicable.
  6. Without the mechanical/technical DNFs I always eventually winning the championship (if my car is developed enough). Now that I’m able to have mechanical problems it makes the championship more interesting.
  7. What’s funny is I started the Canadian GP (50% distance) thinking I’ll do a mid session save at my first pit stop because I have to go to work at 5PM. I started the race and on lap 3 I had a terminal MGUK failure.
  8. I started a new career last week with Ferrari and noticed Leclerc’s Focus level going down even after he scored two 3rd places and a second.
  9. I remember I was one of the first to comment on this issue a few weeks ago. I’m in the middle of a wet race (Intermediate level wet) at Zandvoort. My car is the second best overall with Mercedes being the best. In the dry in qualifying Hamilton and Bottas were 0.425/sec faster than me but in the race I’m about 0.600-0.700/sec a lap faster. In my opinion I’m not noticing the AI being OP in T7-T9 in the rain. It’s like the rain neutralizes the AI’s advantage in those series of corners.
  10. I was maxed out on Reliability upgrades and had a Turbo at 35% worn and that failed on lap 6 of 35 at Hungary. I was glad it failed because I’m not a fan of the Hungaroring.
  11. I race 50% too and I notice that happens every once and a while. In fact it happened to me at my race in Hungary. In Q2 I finished 8th on my Mediums because everyone else went out on Softs and in Q3 I ended up qualifying 3rd. I was definitely in line for an easy win but I had a mechanical DNF around lap 20. Overall the AI are horrible when it comes to race strategy.
  12. For me I think the AI seem quicker in qualifying and I have no problems during races. I guess I’m better in races than qualifying.
  13. You have to give back your two most worn sets of tires so P1 I like to do a few runs on a set of Softs and Hards and then for P2 I do my Race Sim on Mediums because P2 has weather conditions that will likely occur in the race.
  14. That’s why they did so poorly at the French GP this year
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