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  1. MPHGP817

    Patch Notes for 1.15 – Discussion Thread

    Do I have to start a new career to turn off driver transfers?
  2. MPHGP817

    Will AI drivers performance be updated?

    It bugs me that Gasly is strong Red Bull driver I have to worry about and not Verstappen. Also Ricciardo is pretty inconsistent in the game, one race he’s doing well in the points and the next race he’s scraping it up with and getting beat by the Williams team.
  3. MPHGP817

    Simulate Race.

    I think they made the sim option like that on purpose. Like the person above me said if you come to a track you despise just set it at 5 laps so you can get it out of the way.
  4. MPHGP817

    Codemasters, Safety Car

    I’m on Season 2 (50% race length) with McLaren and have had 4 VSCs and 2 Safety Cars in 30 races so far. My last Safety Car was during my race at Monaco during torrential rain.
  5. MPHGP817

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    So I just finished my race in France. It started dry and then by lap 9 it was time for Inters and by lap 20 it was full Wets. Now that the AI has been rebalanced for the wet it was actually a fun and enjoyable race.
  6. MPHGP817

    Patch Notes for 1.12 – Discussion Thread

    I’m glad they said they addressed the AI’s pace in the wet. I guess I’ll get to test it after work this evening because according to my weather forecast I have wet practice sessions and race coming up. I wish they would address the amount of rain in the game. I don’t mind a wet race or two in a season but when five of my first eight races are run in the rain it gets a little tedious.
  7. MPHGP817

    R&D Aero part test

    I recently completed a major drag/DRS aero upgrade just in time Baku. To get the points for completing the parts test it says set a representative top speed in a DRS zone. I’m not getting credit for it during practice even though I’m setting the top trap speed 200.3 mph and hitting 219 mph at the end of the DRS zones. What gives?
  8. MPHGP817

    Predictions as to what Patch 1.11 will bring us...

    I hope they fix the overpowered AI in the wet and the frequency which it rains in career mode. It’s like F1 2019 takes place in an alternate universe where it rains all the time, it’s ******* Water World come to life.
  9. MPHGP817

    Way too much rain!!!!!

    I’ve had more rain sessions and races in the last FIVE race weekends than in the last decade of real F1. Every practice and qualifying sessions save two practice sessions were wet. On top of that the rain doesn’t seem to affect the AI, perfect acceleration, perfect braking, and perfect cornering ability.
  10. MPHGP817

    AI nonsense tyre strategies

    I started playing F1 2019 with 25% races and noticed at Silverstone that one or two of the front runners (Ferrari and Mercedes) would stay out until lap 10 or 11 and go onto hards. A few weeks I started doing 50% races and there’s so much more tire strategy involved and for the most part it’s enjoyable. The thing I’ve noticed is that tire wear doesn’t affect the AI as much as it does me.
  11. MPHGP817

    First Career Season in 2019 - quick question

    I did a career with Renault (25% races) and really didn’t focus on reliability in R&D, just straight performance. By the end of season 1 Ricciardo and I were finishing 2nd through 4th regularly and at the start of season 2 we were running 1-2 through Spain.
  12. MPHGP817

    R O B O T J E F F

    Professor Hawking came back to life as an F1 engineer.
  13. MPHGP817

    No car behind you bug

    Jeff will tell me during a practice session “you’re in the top ten now” when I post a lap a second and a half quicker than second place.
  14. MPHGP817

    100% R&D failure rate

    I decided to start another career with Red Bull and I’ve made it to Monaco and every single performance upgrade failed the first time. I’ve had careers with other teams where I very rarely had upgrade failures. If a team had failure rates of 100% there would definitely be a lot of people getting fired.
  15. MPHGP817

    My full practice programme

    P1 I like to do Track Acclimation, Tire Management, and Fuel Management (on the Mediums I used for the Tire Management test). Then P2 I do my Qualifying sim and Race Pace tests because P2 is at the same time of day as Qualifying and the Race. In P3 I do the ERS test and fine tune my setup.