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  1. The AI has been quicker in the wet since F1 2019, I remember it was a post release update that did it. I remember with F1 2018 and the first few months of F1 2019 I had to turn up AI during wet qualifying sessions and races. If it’s Intermediate tire wet I’m not far off my normal setting but if it’s Full Wets I need to scale it back.
  2. I’m guessing if your Personalized Strategy is quicker than the Projected Strategy that means you did a good job.
  3. Unfortunately they’ve taken that out. The only way I really know if I did a good job on my Race Strategy sim is right before the race when I pick my strategy.
  4. I’ve definitely noticed the tire temps are a lot more gradual and easier to control in this year’s game.
  5. I’m happy they added this option. In my first driver career season in ‘21 I had both options on Low and easily won the championship because my competitors had 2-3 DNFs each. For my second season I upped Frequency to Standard and Types to High. Hopefully my second will be more competitive.
  6. MPHGP817

    Pit strategy

    I race 50% races and I’ve noticed how dumb the AI are when it comes to pit strategy in changeable conditions. They’re so bad that I feel like I’m cheating.
  7. The Practice Programs rotate except for race strategy. If I don’t have a Qualifying Sim I just empty my fuel tank so there 3.5-4 laps worth of fuel and put on some Softs and do a regular run on Standard fuel and Hotlap ERS.
  8. I’m in season two of a driver career and Sainz somehow drove a lap 30 seconds faster than anyone. This was on Xbox One.
  9. I’m doing a regular career with Mercedes, my next career will be with Alfa Romeo or Williams. But I noticed that Mercedes started off first followed by Red Bull, Aston Martin, McLaren, Ferrari, and so on. I’m just about to start the Australian GP weekend and it’s Mercedes just barely ahead of McLaren, followed by Red Bull, Ferrari, and Aston Martin. McLaren has won three races and Ferrari one and Mercedes the rest.
  10. I personally find the handling a little better especially the brakes. Each year from F1 2018 on they’ve really improved the handling in my opinion. Also the AI has improved as well.
  11. The AI is so bad at pit strategy that it makes me feel like I’m cheating especially if there’s a race that starts wet and ends up drying part way through.
  12. I wish we qualify on Hards and use all the tires like the real F1 teams do.
  13. When I brought it up (Silverstone Copse, Austria S3, Spa Pouhon, and Zandvoort T7) I was told “get good” or practice more. I’m glad people are experiencing it for themselves. For me it felt really off in Austria and Silverstone because it’s a two to four corners that you lose so much time at and I compensated by turning the AI down, it just felt strange being so much quicker than the AI on the rest of the track. I should also add that my experience was in a regular career in a Mercedes.
  14. I was going to to say the same exact thing except with Zandvoort my problem was only turn 7. Also I would add the last sector at Austria. No matter how much downforce I piled on still couldn’t match the AI.
  15. Turn 7 at Zandvoort, Copse, Maggots, and Becketts, section 3 at Austria, and Pouhon at Spa I’m losing 0.2-0.3 a lap no matter how much downforce I put on or how much I play with the Diff. The AI cars can take those corners flat out without lifting even when following each other.
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