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  1. potential91

    Around the Globe - Trophy/Achievement problem

    Sure is, the above screenshots of the newly added statistics page is how you track the mileage 🙂
  2. potential91

    Around the Globe - Trophy/Achievement problem

    There's no way of tracking it on PS4, some old fashioned guesswork is the only way I'm afraid, I "think" I'm 26 hours left of driving round Indy 99 lap races which is roughly 1hr per 99 laps and you need 9000 laps of Indy to hit the required distance (without doing any career) I'd guesstimate that career accounts for around 6% towards the total distance. 90 X 99 laps ~ 1hr a session is 90 hours and accounts for 1.1% towards the distance. Hope it helps you get a guess on how many you need to do 😁
  3. potential91

    Around the Globe - Trophy/Achievement problem

    I've done 10 hours since the patch update and would hate to know it's not counted. Hopefully it's all logged on racenet servers or on the playstation itself 'fingers crossed' I have noticed no-one has got the trophy on psprofiles since the patch hit so can't clarify just yet. Would love a mileage tracker added in-game too even if it can't be retroactive.
  4. potential91

    Patch 1.1 Notes

    @ChrisGrovesMCM Can we get an update on the Around The Globe trophy, we don't get any trackers on PS4 to know if it's counting, however an Xbox poster has made a thread saying his tracker is now stuck on 82% after the patch, I've already spent 20/30 hours (I don't know because I can't track it) driving 99 laps around Indianapolis, I don't really think it's fair to sink another 30 hours or even 1 hour pushing for this terrible trophy grind to then find out I'm wasting my time because it's not increasing. Alternatively can the 44,000km please just be reduced , even by 50% it's so high!! 😭😭😭