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  1. chevy1080

    Is the game gonna get fixed finally?

    Or when following in the slip stream of an opponent he still pulls away from you but when you pass and he has your slip stream you pull away from him. Rain pace, especially race starts, is impossible to keep up. AI upgrade progression is so much faster even if I win every race. The AI will come up behind you, pit maneuver you into the wall and not get a penalty or damage to their car. Etc etc etc. This game is fun but needs a lot of work.
  2. I've noticed since the latest patch that often the automatic shifting messes up. It will either downshift and way over rev or upshift way too early. Its cost me lap time because if this. It happens when going through corners and the game isnt sure what gear to me in and messes it up a lot. Anyone else?
  3. chevy1080

    Historic car funner?

    Just imagine if they had a 3 litre (or less) 1200hp cap with no heavy hybrid system along with refueling. We can dream.
  4. chevy1080

    Historic car funner?

    Is it just me or are the 2000-2013 f1 cars you get to drive at special events better? They feel lighter and snappier, handle great. Brakes feel unreal too. The 2019 cars feel like tanks and not as responsive.
  5. chevy1080

    Practice "Laps Completed"

    I will literally do an out lap and one qualifying practice lap and at the end of practice it will say I did at least 5 laps in practice? *** I hope that isnt wearing down my components. I keep practice laps down as low as possible for that reason but things still wear out as if I do a ton of practice laps.
  6. chevy1080

    French grand prix suddenly hard as hell!!??

    Somehow I managed to win the race. The AI pulled a 7+ second lead in 10 laps but as the race went on I managed to win by 6 seconds. Seems strange. Redbull was the competition.
  7. Racing at 90% difficulty. Second season in a fairly well modified mercedes. I win every race pretty much, qualifying can be tricky and there are battles in some races. But wow. The French GP. I spent hours trying qually setups from youtube and forums and could not get a better time than 1.31:548. I had to slip stream a car in Q3 and managed to qualify fourth. In practice I wasn't getting any faster than a 1.34:XXX with top youtube hotlap setups. Car engine brand new and other components in great shape. Now I'm racing and the top 3 are gone with the wind and I'm battling for 4th. Season 1 in a ferrari I crushed this track at 90%. I cant figure it out! My mercedes team mate is also dead last.
  8. chevy1080

    Has the safety car gone extinct???

    Seen it once in season 1 and season 2 I've seen it at china. Vettel was trying to run up beside me on the long straight and I ran him out onto the grass and he crashed haha. Safety car appeared for that one. But agreed, I've seen lots of parked cars in dangerous sections and not even a virtual safety car.
  9. chevy1080

    Fuel saving "trick". And another AI complaint

    Yeah I almost never run rich unless I'm trying to throw down a fastest lap time. But i dont know, every race in season 1 my extra fuel would always decrease. Or stay about the same. Season 2 and I try this one time and it made a huge difference. Gonna do another race here after doing the race sim that way and see what happens with it.
  10. I was always running short on fuel and having to run the car lean to finish races. Think I found a work around. When doing the race simulation in practice shut off ERS, dont use DRS and you will burn much more fuel. You can even run the car rich for those 5 laps. They will send you out with lots of fuel then. When I did this my fuel was going up during the race (chinese GP) and I could run the car rich whenever I wanted and as soon as I switched back to "standard" my fuel would increase again. Let me know if this works for you guys. The AI constantly smashes off the back and sides of my car. Like, really hard. They NEVER take damage or receive penalties. What a joke.
  11. Yeah I know tire selection can be changed on the fly etc and none of it was touched. I was burning up my tires fast defending from Perez and it's like they automatically switched the pit plan with zero input from me. AI damage is like they are driving tanks. It's set to whatever the default is. I never touched it.
  12. I reviewed the pit plan and it was set to a 1 stop, soft to medium plan by default. No message from the pit crew suggesting a change. I wasnt paying attention in the pits or I'd have caught it. Couldve been a bug.
  13. Just upped the difficulty to 90% and did a race. Perez was all over the rear of my car, smashing into it and bumping into the side of me all the time. No penalty and zero damage or change of pace to his car. He eventually got by me and I was doing my best to keep a clean race by using replays etc but he was driving as if in a bumper car. Ridiculous. Then at the pit I was supposed to do a 1 stop onto medium tires. They changed to a 2 stop race and put me on the soft tire without telling me. It cost me the race and I barely salvaged 4th place. What the hell.