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  1. Yeah I know tire selection can be changed on the fly etc and none of it was touched. I was burning up my tires fast defending from Perez and it's like they automatically switched the pit plan with zero input from me. AI damage is like they are driving tanks. It's set to whatever the default is. I never touched it.
  2. I reviewed the pit plan and it was set to a 1 stop, soft to medium plan by default. No message from the pit crew suggesting a change. I wasnt paying attention in the pits or I'd have caught it. Couldve been a bug.
  3. Just upped the difficulty to 90% and did a race. Perez was all over the rear of my car, smashing into it and bumping into the side of me all the time. No penalty and zero damage or change of pace to his car. He eventually got by me and I was doing my best to keep a clean race by using replays etc but he was driving as if in a bumper car. Ridiculous. Then at the pit I was supposed to do a 1 stop onto medium tires. They changed to a 2 stop race and put me on the soft tire without telling me. It cost me the race and I barely salvaged 4th place. What the hell.
  4. chevy1080


    I'm running 60% race distance, automatic shifting, and usually only use low or medium with ERS during race (70% AI difficulty). My turbo, gearbox, engine and battery components are all suffering after race 4 and 5. A tad bit ridiculous. They dont allocate enough development points when qualifying 1st, winning races, and doing extra events. Grid place penalties are life. Next race season is all durability upgrades.
  5. When breaking late to dive down the inside for a pass the AI doesn't change their apex. They turn right in and run you off the road or bump into you. By the rules your supposed to leave a car width. They should be getting penalties for causing a collision if they choke me out to the point of running into me while I'm already on the curb. Anyone else notice this?
  6. chevy1080

    Gearbox management??

    My gearbox lost 2nd gear in the 4th grand prix. I see I only have 2. How do I repair that gearbox for future races? Thanks.