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  1. rivermanstu

    F1 2019 Xbox Crashes in Menu

    I had the same issue last week .I managed to get the game to start by doing a couple of things .I deleted my save data on the xbox only and i also moved the game from the internal hard drive to my external drive.When i start the game next time it done a data sync then crashed but second try it started normally and i was able to play normally .The next few times it worked fine but the crash problem came back and i had to do the same things as before ,deleting save data and moving game between hard drives. It doesnt always work first time though. I think the data sync at the start is the key to getting the game to work .
  2. rivermanstu

    Game crash

    Got the game to start .I moved the game from internal drive to my external drive.First time i tried to start it done a long data sync then crashed like before .Second time i tried it it done a short data sync then continued to main menu.done a couple of short gps to try it and it seems to be working .got my emails too. game has started normally 3 times since so hopefully it is fixed
  3. rivermanstu

    Game crash

    I am having the same issue on my xbox one x .Just goes back to xbox home screen after pressing menu key to start .The game was working in the afternoon (except for the email not working) but just wont start again. i can play multiplayer on f1 2017 so it is only 2019 that has issues