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  1. still nothing but as i said before i dont really care bout mine anymore .i have stopped doing the weekly events because there is no real point if you dont get to see where you finish up on the leaderboard .i had done nearly every event since the game came out getting the rewards without issue so something must be wrong in the game now .you can probably see there are still people posting about missing rewards so you should concentrate on them .give everyone what they deserve and not just those with access to the forum .probably a lot of new people started the game with what is happening in the
  2. The apology and you trying to fix it for ALL players was all that i needed to hear Thank you
  3. yeah barry dont bother with my rewards just you go and have a nice birthday .i have never had a day off work because it was my birthday .i am not that lazy. at this point i am done caring .
  4. Instead of going on leave why dont you fix the game so everyone gets their rewards from both Austria and Germany and i mean everyone and not just the people resorting to begging on here.The game is having so many issues recently it is not worth completing a weekly event
  5. Got nothing for my efforts in Austria event and now nothing for the German event so i think i will just stop doing the weekly events. It doesnt even show the results from last week either so cant show proof of position. Not that i was that good anyway.
  6. Seems i am not the only one that didnt receive the email.Not too worried about the points but i do like to have the trophy so i can look back over my progress in the events.Hopefully everyone gets the rewards they deserve.
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