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  1. Rishabhhx

    Major Fuel Glitch F1 2018

    Ohh ok, i am currently driving for Mercedes and from now i will upgrade my power train and will see that this problem resolve or not
  2. Rishabhhx

    Major Fuel Glitch F1 2018

    Anyone having problems with fuel in 2018? I ran on rich full race(50%) and it still saving fuel like +2 on start , full race on rich +2.1 on finish fuel is not emptying, i run on fuel rich and still it shows my fuel is saving and it keeps increasing the + fuel on mfd I bought it 2 months ago and update it last month and it starts happening after then, now its been 2 season i am suffering with this. I uninstall and reinstall and update it, this only happens in career race, ps4. Plz answer