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    Feedback and ideas for F1 2020

    i have some ideas that would make the game a lot better...,.....number 1 they need to get rid of f2 altogether it spoils it its called formula 1 for a reason. what would make it better is if they gave the players character a voice.....for example if you choose to drive as a female which you can do when you are talking to the press instead of just clicking answer you select what you want to say and your character talks like real life and they should also apply accents.....for example if you choose to be female and be indian or welsh or scottish when you talk to the press you have a female voice in scottish accent.........they can do that because carl in the data centre has a voice and he has a australian accent so it is possible. also they give the option to drive all the classic f1 cars so why cant they bring back the classic tracks? the original spa in belgium which was a longer track india valencia zandvoort nurburgring magny cours the ain diab track estoril argentina watkins glen etc? if they can bring back the classic cars they should also bring back the classic tracks and give the player the option of the 21 race standard season or the extended season which includes the classic tracks.....it would make the game a lot more challenging with the new tracks and it would be a lot more realistic if your character actually talked instead of clicking on what you want to say and thats it. they should get rid of formula 2 altogether and make it a 10 season career mode like they have done before