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  1. So guys, it just popped for me, I just reached silver level 50/gold level 1, so I still think it’s kinda bugged or glitched
  2. I’ve done 2 ranked and 2 unranked races and doing qualifying aswell and it’s still locked
  3. Xbox one, just had the 1.06 patch updated aswell
  4. Just done 2 unranked races and it hasn’t unlocked, I’m silver level 46
  5. I got this achievement this morning, I had to de-tank myself to safety rating B to find it easier, it’s so much better to do it with lobby’s of 10 and always start from the back and let the carnage happen infront if you, then it’s easy overtakes, I’m just so glad that i don’t have to touch multiplayer again for achievements
  6. I had a race earlier which i won, then came up error the race you was spectacting in no longer available 😂😂
  7. I think I’m gonna do the same, you take ages getting to above 1800 then 1 race later someone pushes you off and you finish towards the back only to have 100 points taken off you. i had one race where the game crashed straight after qualifying and i lost 100 points straight way, then joined the same lobby and the race finished and lost another 100 points. this stuff needs to be sorted out before a game is released, I’m sure people aren’t bothered if the game came out usual date and it’s all complete not like this