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  1. PublicEnemyAU

    Fed up— rain and AI in the rain

    So just a heads up, not the best driver but get by on 75 diffculty Have a maxed out renault in s2 and am light years ahead of the pack Gpt to hokenheim and realised the race was gonna be wet for abot 90% of race so ran a wet setup for quali and got to 8th. Race comes and i just got smashed. Finished 12th. Very frustrating cause not only was i blown out by the top team in quali because i had a wet setup, i was still blown away in the race. Go figure. Again im not the best player but I enjoy doing some laps while in a chat party with my freinds and im trying to improve but its so frustrating for me when the race or qualifying is wet because I almost concede defeat before the race weekend begins. I recognize it isnt an easy soloution because from what ive watched on youtube and twitch the best racers seem to have little issues but I feel this has alienated alot of the casual racers in the game or people that wouldnt consider yourselves and elite player and when i play other games (namely nba 2k which i probably consider myself a higher teir player) its extremely annoying when games are catered for the casual
  2. Living in Australia I don't bother with ranked. Everyone is 1 bar and I'd assume im 1 bar for them Did the weekly event which wasn't too bad...however Was in 2nd. saw a player with good pace and realised I wasn't gonna keep him behind me so I moved off the racing line and slowed down as there was no point defending. Guy follows me and crashes into me. Makes this part of the game mofe unplayable. Do heaps of unranked stuffwith my freinds which is fun but im not gonna bother with ranked
  3. PublicEnemyAU

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    Pad Traction on and Anti Lock off AI level 80
  4. PublicEnemyAU

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    Its weord. I just cant get any flow going on Singapore and it throws me right out
  5. PublicEnemyAU

    Anyone else despise Monaco?

    I prefer monaco over Singapore ...i hate them both, however.
  6. PublicEnemyAU


    Joined Renault mid season 2 to find my MGU-K was about 70% on the second unit at Austria, so yes, they don'tdo any reliability at all
  7. PublicEnemyAU

    AI in the wet - all circuits

    I'm racing for McLaren (S2) and knew i wasnt gonna qualify high so struggled through dry qualy with a wet setup. Was 10th by z long way. Come race day was just getting ripped to shed. Never got any higher then 7th. I'll admit im not the nest driver (80 Diff) but it shouldnt be so pronounced. The issue lies in the fact while i might be making tiny errors in braking zone and my driving line the AI doesnt at all