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  1. dragonflyGT

    A Fan Made Video!

    This the plan for my next Dirt Rally 2.0. video. I'm trying to find a good story about it =)) More speed, more engine sounds!
  2. dragonflyGT

    A Fan Made Video!

    Thank you people! I will try to build more content like this one with my replay records. Music is the biggest key factor actually %65 of success of this work is about the music! 😄 I just gave credits for the music in information tab of video.
  3. dragonflyGT

    A Fan Made Video!

    Hello fellow racers! Yesterday I just created a cut content video from my replays on Dirt Rally 2.0. So, I made this emotional video clip for you and the devs who put their efforts for the title. Hope you enjoy it!
  4. dragonflyGT

    Hello Racers!

    Hello fellow racers! I'm so happy to be here atm. To meet other virtual / real racers all around the world =)) Let me introduce myself. I'm an inactive semi-pro racer. My profession was in Endurance series. I raced in KZ-Karting 6h Endurance, Rotax Max Challange, Dubai Max Kart 6h, Amateur Le-Mans and local GT3 championships. But I'm interested all kind of auto racing =)) (Yes! Nascar and IndyCar too!) So, feel free to write anything! Let's meet!