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    A Fan Made Video!

    Hello fellow racers! Yesterday I just created a cut content video from my replays on Dirt Rally 2.0. So, I made this emotional video clip for you and the devs who put their efforts for the title. Hope you enjoy it!
  2. dragonflyGT

    A Fan Made Video!

    This the plan for my next Dirt Rally 2.0. video. I'm trying to find a good story about it =)) More speed, more engine sounds!
  3. dragonflyGT

    A Fan Made Video!

    Thank you people! I will try to build more content like this one with my replay records. Music is the biggest key factor actually %65 of success of this work is about the music! 😄 I just gave credits for the music in information tab of video.
  4. dragonflyGT

    Hello Racers!

    Hello fellow racers! I'm so happy to be here atm. To meet other virtual / real racers all around the world =)) Let me introduce myself. I'm an inactive semi-pro racer. My profession was in Endurance series. I raced in KZ-Karting 6h Endurance, Rotax Max Challange, Dubai Max Kart 6h, Amateur Le-Mans and local GT3 championships. But I'm interested all kind of auto racing =)) (Yes! Nascar and IndyCar too!) So, feel free to write anything! Let's meet!