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  1. Exactly, they don' think about the consequences of their decisions. The way they incorporated driver transfers is ridiculous and unacceptable. Anyone could foresee this problems. They just don't care about their product or they don't have skilled people working there.
  2. ballie4

    Request: Roadmap - Bugfixes

    I couldn't agree more. Codemasters lack of information and communication is awful. How hard can it be to inform your customers. Apart fron F1 2015 I have bought every f1 game but F1 2018 will be the last one if they don't act on the ongoing request for info.
  3. Well patch 1.08 just released but still there is not even one of the big issues fixed and still no info about the issues they will invesigate and probably fix. That is ridiculous and very poor communication. It takes so much time before they fix something that most likeley I will skip F1 2019. Even when they will fix big issues, the time to play before F1 2020 comes out is so short it will be better to wait for F1 2020. Really disappointed about the mess they created with career mode. The way they implemented driver transfers shows they have no clue what they are doing.
  4. ballie4

    30% Discount already

    Option to disable driver transfers is the only way i am going to buy F1 2019
  5. It is difficult to satisfy everyone, but if codemasyers simply make a lot of things optional and would work more with sliders than a lot more people would enjoy the game. Driver transfers? Make it optional. And for the frequency make a slider. Wet weather races in career? Make it optional. And with a slider you can balance the chance of a wet weather race happening. I don't understand that after so many years and so many discussions they still have so limited options in the game. Personally I have not bought F1 2019 yet, because driver transfers in the way it is now turns me off.
  6. ballie4

    F12019 - Next patch wishes

    Well I hope they will fix this points, especially the mid season transfers, because that is the reason I have not bought F1 2019 yet. And I will skip it if there will not be an option to disable driver transfers.