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  1. zoltan1996

    Next Patch

    Yes that's true
  2. zoltan1996

    flashback glitch or bug

    time was not improve only just positions like AI Drivers switching positions and lap times and the same Time
  3. zoltan1996

    flashback glitch or bug

    1.Am used flashback to correct my mistake 2.Am fast forwarded to near to that point before mistake was made so that way am not maded same mistake twice 3.After am used the flashback and respawn to that point I choice am saw driver positon switch between me and AI driver so am gain unfair position
  4. zoltan1996

    flashback glitch or bug

    Hi @BarryBL fix this flashback forward bug my team and driver career its quite annoying gaining places without finishing the lap please
  5. zoltan1996

    aarava AI suggestion

    Hi @BarryBL you guys should improve the coding AI in F1 2020 am just watch Aarava's video he said worst AI coding ever here check it out for your self
  6. zoltan1996

    Next Patch

    Hi @BarryBL am just asking the next update gonna big or small patch just asking
  7. zoltan1996

    AI simulation time is to power full

    Hi @BarryBL can you guys check simulation in practice short and full qualy for some reason AI achiving unreal time can you guys look in to that please okay just asking
  8. zoltan1996

    question of practice programs

    AI 85 for all track am using every assits expect fuel and ers assits
  9. zoltan1996

    question of practice programs

    Hi @BarryBL why the practice programs are so goddam hard Anyone else finding the practice Programs to be overly difficult? My pace is very good but the lap times expected are not realistic at all. I haven't passed a single program except for Acclimatisation.
  10. zoltan1996

    hanoi track

    its actually turning to corners to corners the changing direction is to fast for me in the last sector
  11. zoltan1996

    hanoi track

    I'll tried so many diferrent setups and tried bit driver just coudn't done the last so I don't know why is happening to me
  12. zoltan1996

    hanoi track

    Thanks for understand me but am can't driving around the last which means am never driver 25% race for last Sector completely impossible
  13. zoltan1996

    hanoi track

    Yes balanced physics little bit much more precise and response
  14. zoltan1996

    hanoi track

    Hi everyone can I ask question about whose struggling at hanoi last sector and whose not should codemasters adjust the physics on hanoi last sector or not just asking please @BarryBL think about it I can'T drive around full circuit especially the last sector beacuse my reaction not the best and also am take medicines for my mental issue which is reducing my reaction time please just think about it okay
  15. zoltan1996

    next update

    HI @sergey_blackbird how soon in the upcoming days or a week time just asking