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  1. zoltan1996

    aarava suggestion

    Hi @BarryBL am uploaded what aarava thinks about f1 2020 am hope you gonna watch them
  2. @Costa thats exactly happened to me as well today
  3. Hi @BarryBL am tested sixteen tracks overwriten all personal lap because am was faster the multiplayer car then the 2020 mercedes
  4. zoltan1996

    flashback in time trial

    @Ultra3142 but am getting tired restarting hotlap TT Mode every goddam time am making a mistake am not a pro player am a normal player I am getting really tired restarting lap 10 or 11 times
  5. zoltan1996

    flashback in time trial

    am mean it if we wont get penalty or invalidated for it when we use flashback in time trial @colebasebalstud am was meant for that
  6. zoltan1996

    flashback in time trial

    @BarryBL Let us allowed to use flashback in time trial am getting motherfucking tired all the time restarting the lap on every circuit in time trial am saying this personally for everyone in community if we can use flashback in time trial every player can save so many hours game play in time trial and also we can correct our mistakes and not get penalty or invalidated for it when we use flashback in time trial as well this would be a huge real if we can use flashback
  7. @BarryBL am having my personal lap times deleted in time trial
  8. zoltan1996

    Control/Handling problems

    Yes thats happening with me but @Zachrulez you have to complete a full bug report and you need to show proof as well so codemasters can investigate this issue we have
  9. zoltan1996

    flashback glitch or bug

    Hi @BarryBL am was Pierre Gasly Zandvord It was full qualiflying and yes that was my steps
  10. zoltan1996

    flashback glitch or bug

    Hi @BarryBLit does effect my overall position and its not the OSQ and not always in practice its happening more in qualy @BarryBL here it is VID-20200910-17481913gp228cd3194.mp4
  11. A detailed description of the issue. Please include any error codes here. This glitch am found in my team career mode this glitch or bug causing Ai switching position in practice and qualiy without finishing the flying laps Pc 1.08 MY team mode you have to in practice or qualiy and you have make a mistake and you have to used the flashback when you @BarryBL using the flashback to correct youre mistake watch to posisitons on top left corner on the screen and you gonna see it the AI switching Places without finishing a lap time its very easy to replicate i dont know how to solving because I dont have a clue what causing it keyboard Its very easy to replicate
  12. Hi @BarryBL The issue am having still exist even after patch 1.08
  13. zoltan1996

    next update

    Sorry @Ztwo my mistike
  14. zoltan1996

    next update

    Hi @BarryBL the perfomance patch when its going to be live to all platform please we really want to know that
  15. zoltan1996

    next update

    Hi @BarryBL am just asking the next patch when its gonna come out