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  1. DreDay79

    Reporter questions

    Great idea. Thank you. I just restarted without the fake drivers. Plus to add them they take out real drivers and takes away from the game imo. In my season so far she’s actually asking some different questions lol.
  2. Hey guys. Every component that you get 2-4 of per season always becomes too worn out 1-2 race early for me. Like the engine or turbo or all the parts really. Any suggestions on how to make them last a little longer? Even the durability I purchase doesn’t really make much of a noticeable difference even tho it says it reduces wear by 30%. I highly doubt that it does actually reduce it by that much per level because then my engine wouldn’t be worn out in 5 races when I need it to last at least 7 to make it through 21 races with 3 engines. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  3. DreDay79

    Reporter questions

    In my second season every single interview has had the same 2-3 questions all about my former teammate in f2. Literally every interview the entire 2nd season has asked me the same questions and it’s kind of silly at this point. Anyone else having this issue or am I doing something wrong?
  4. DreDay79

    F1 2019 tires

    I feel like an idiot. Thank you so much. Makes perfect sense.
  5. Hey guys I just finished a full season in f1 2019 and not once in a single practice qualifying or race did I have choice of hyper or ultra soft tires. I tried to change tire allocation before the race week but that only lets you choose the style you want like softer or harder and the game chooses the specific tires. In 2018 I had quite a few races that gave ultra or hyper without me having to choose. How can I use those tires? Thank you if anyone has any ideas.
  6. DreDay79

    F1 2019 tires

    Hey guys I just finished a whole season in f1 2019 and not once was I given hypersoft or ultra soft tires. When I go to tire allocation before a race I don’t get to choose specific tires only a general style like softer or harder and they add in the tires they want. In f1 2018 I had a few races that gave hyper or ultra. How do I use them in 2019? Thank you for your help.