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  1. thegodz

    Multiplayer Racing Is ******** ?

    I think that even in un-ranked lobbies it would be nice for the host to set a minimum rank level or not ... So as person that join lower ''ranked'' games you know you could get your race ****** up right off the bat ... There is multiple ways they could do it but feels like they dont care . Its very sad beacause i love the game alot ... 😞 But i dont want to play online anymore lol the first 3 laps of ghosting could be fun to or at least the first 1-2 laps at least all those t-bonners and ass smackers could already be out . lol
  2. Sorry for my language but less and less people in my entourage are playing online or the game at all because of multiplayer people are dumb ... smashing in to you diving and dirty racing ... EVEN IN RANK ... Ive seen no difference between rank and unranked ... Its killing the game i was hoping they would find a solution for that but its dead . Every single lobby people are losing their **** about the same thing . you get rear ended and get a 5 sec lol this is non sens they need to fix this its been a problem since 2017 and even before . anyways im ****** but its the reality .