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  1. Yesss there it is! New Patch and Keyboard Support! Thanks!
  2. well at least a statement from codemasters would be nice @Hoo
  3. yeah but not only fanatec 😅 same thing on thrustmaster wheels, so hopefully we get support for both wheels
  4. would be awesome, if the devs could make that possible, I think also the esports guys on xbox would be happy for that 🙂
  5. Well then I don't know why Fanatec is working without problems on the xbox one... It would be nice, if you could update us if you have further information on how to maybe solve this problem, but I really think this is a Codemasters problem...
  6. Hey Guys, I know this has been discussed multiple times, but I never found a clear answer to this. I'm using Xbox One S with the F1 Addon and F1 2019. I got so many Buttons, I can not use because some of them are just multiple A's oder X's. This RIM is one of the most popular RIM's out there (besides Fanatec Wheels). Is there any way how we can push this topic to Codemasters and Microsoft to get this thing solved? Really I don't want to spend thousands of euros atm for a Fanatec Wheel just to have more Buttons. Cheers Juvestar91
  7. juvestar91


    Moin, hatte euch schon per mail geschrieben, wusste nicht ob die mail überhaupt aktiv ist, deshalb noch mal hier... hätte bock bin XB1 User falls das passt 🙂 Gruß Gianluca