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  1. Why do you force game to be on line on Dirt rally 2.0 but not offline full career mode.Is the game much shorter if I dont have it updated version of full game.Is there a way to cutdown on GB of the update of 30GB.
  2. Is my team for both Dirt rally and for dirt rally 2.0 need to be online always? Trophies for these are horrible and way too hard to unlocked.
  3. Thanks and does this game works offline on both version of the game(Xbox one and PS4 version) Not sure it required to be online for career mode.
  4. I cant even win with the mini cooper car but not sure this is an good decent rally car or did I choose the wrong rally car.Going to buy the PS4 version very soon.
  5. How many events in career modes? thanks for the help.
  6. Is there an difficulty change for career mode when I first start career mode or did I choose the wrong rally car?
  7. Not sure it the care I choose is harder in career mode and does it carry over any data to Dirt rally 2.0 on both version.
  8. Or buy another copy of the game with an code for online pass or is it expired online game for the PS3.
  9. Okay thanks for the help and the update patch is required and not sure going rest mode will help me to play game in the future.Not sure I can do some of the career mode events offline or wait.Is this game longer then DIrt rally on the xbox one version.
  10. How many events are there if I download the 12 hour game update.Can I still play the game offline or is this game useless offline.
  11. How many events are there while playing offline without the big patch update.Playing the PS4 version offline.How many total event with the big game patch.
  12. OutcastGuy44

    Dirt 3 online pass not in store

    Don't why Sony and microsoft has remove this feature and want to re added it.Not sure it an requirement for online mode or will it be in dirt career single player mode.
  13. OutcastGuy44

    Racenet down again.

    The game updates is also not very good because not sure why it takes 12 hours do download patch game on the PS4 console.Still down in Canada where I'm from.
  14. OutcastGuy44

    Racenet down again.

    I'm also getting this in all codemaster games like dirt rally xbox one,Dirt4 on both the PS4 and xbox one.Please fix this ASAP.