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  1. Scrushy

    Please help!!! Can't control car

    get a wheel :) and a rig :D or play on a desk so u cant mount the wheel on it
  2. Hi, has anyone got the left analog stick to work with the Menü instead of the right 8 way stick?
  3. Scrushy

    Fix Suzuka Bump PLS

    hey codemasters, is it possible to fix the suzuka bump finally?
  4. lol thanks. i thought this is a out of the box function :D im so dumb :D
  5. PC i make a video... system is up to date 9900k aorus master gtx 1080 win10 pro
  6. Hey Guys, my fanatec CSL Elite arrived today and i had to realize that the LEDs and the screen dont work. ist that normal ? does codemasters knows this issue? did i something wrong? installed the driver, check for firmware updates and go. Thanks