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  1. Hello, please I need a help. When I try to open the next challenge, the game stops and the following message appears on the screen: Access violation at adress Ox69091af in module dirtrally2.exe + Ox9391af. I don´ know what does it mean and what shoul I do to eliminate this and to solve the problem and start the game normally. Thank you very much. Stefan P.S:IS it possible you let me know the answer on my e-mail address tetulo@hotmail.com?

  2. Hello, I don´t understand. I got an account in steam. In the right corner i see toky1971, this is my old address. Then I see in my left corner my games - Dirt 2 and coldicon´s games Dirt 1 and dirt rally. When I try to play dirt 2 I cannot play rally part of it, I can not continue the game I started a few days ago when Ii downloaded the game. it is trying to start, but i see only the first screen and the circle is turning and turning around but the game don´t start. I was only able to play cross part of it, the second one. I don´t understand it. I want to have only one account with all the games i have purchased. It is chaos. Can you help me please? I would like to play dirt 2 as before. I like the game. And please, be so kind , let me know how is it set with my account. I am feeling lost. Thank you very much. Stefan