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  1. pedrosdt

    Logitech G920 Lsb Rsb Support [SG]

    Hi @Hoo Do you have good news for us? Thanks
  2. pedrosdt

    Can we get Keyboard support on Xbox

    Next year Xbox game should be a little bit cheaper, as Xbox players can't enjoy the game the same way. I have a g920 with lsb and rsb unuseful in this game, and cm is not considering adding keyboard support as well..
  3. pedrosdt

    Why we need more AI realism...

    I think it would be easy to make a car that is fighting fail and run the grass 1 time each 50. It happens IRL In rain some cars should have problems, (spining, oversteering...) i don't think it's so difficult, it's just to make it random
  4. I am having issues when i use the ahead and behind penalties widget, not showing properly the penalty of these Cars. (0 instead of +3) . It works properly showing my own penalties and at the timetable widget. Could be something wrong ? Thanks, i LOVE this app
  5. pedrosdt

    Engine rev limiter

    I drive this way, It spends more gas and isnt too eficcient, in the season It overheats and destroys the engines. in my case is a problem with the sound of the hybrid engines, i dont feel im pushing to the limit so i dont react. I think its something i must correct, i cant see any advantage
  6. Xbox one unranked 5 laps race Everybody was stucked except one car. Dont know why but after 5 minutes It worked properly and everybody did the race. save_1~5.mp4
  7. The average of connected users in xbox is 40-60 in ranked lobbys, at the same time last year was easy to find 180 people playing... I don´t know if the problem is to be able to invite friends, but there is a problem since clean drivers can´t find anybody to play with. Please do something to fix it.
  8. I have been once a day, during 1 month, trying to play a 25% S ranked race. Never did it.
  9. pedrosdt

    Multiplayer team in league races

    Is this possible?
  10. Thats mine (sim dashboard) Not too realistic but avoids me asking lot of things to ******** jeff
  11. Is possible to make work the teams in multiplayer car leagues? It's annoying not knowing when your teammate is entering the Pits, and it would be funny to fight for the constructors championship as well. Thanks
  12. They could highligth at least changes of position, but the replays are: start,nothing, more nothing, slow motion finish...
  13. pedrosdt

    F1 2019 : Random loss of engine sound [SG]

    Same issue in Xbox one, in the short qualy the engine sound stop working, it comes back in the race
  14. pedrosdt

    Logitech G920 Lsb Rsb Support [SG]

    Thanks to you
  15. pedrosdt

    Logitech G920 Lsb Rsb Support [SG]

    Has codemaster ever said anything about this issue?