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  1. pedrosdt

    F1 2020 UDP Specification

    I know this has been widely debated here, but wouldn't it be possible to receive at least one unique id per gametag, encoded or as codemasters consider that it doesn't put the privacy of the players at risk. If anyone can broadcast the list of gamertags to the entire world on twich, what is the problem with a person receiving it on a device at home? Thanks
  2. pedrosdt

    Why are you not fixing the bugs?

    dont know why but monza seems to be a magnet for bugs. They can appear at any track but in monza is guaranteed
  3. Hi @BarryBL Recently we had an update (1.12) and players still suffer this issue. Do you still need more reports (i could ask some people to record them) or are you already on the way to fix it? The people I know who has this problem are most of them wifi conected, but they were also in f12019 with no issues. Thanks
  4. pedrosdt

    Multifunctional panel - Cockpit camera

    thats why i use simdashboard attached to my wheel, it would be great to have it in the game. By the way, when will tv-cam be placed where it has to be?, in the assist list.
  5. pedrosdt

    Why does ERS die sometimes?

    You reached max ers spent per lap
  6. Hi Barry, should this has been fixed in 1.06 or is shuleduled for next patches?
  7. pedrosdt

    Safety car and race strategy

    I think the damage settings must be high to make the Sc appear. Try
  8. pedrosdt

    Patches topics

    Where can i find what has CM fixed when they update the Game? Thanks
  9. pedrosdt

    Covid-19 Season

    I think it's possible to make a 10 races calendar
  10. pedrosdt

    Time Trial not updating (xbox)

    In Xbox works deleting your own Ghost times in the track, in Ghost settings
  11. I can imagine all those people who were against inviting Friends enjoing the game waiting alone in s ranked 25% lobbys for anybody to connect. If they are lucky after 20 minutes they can play a race against another lonely player... The Game punishes clean drivers ... This is ridículous, the idea did not work. Just turn it back.
  12. pedrosdt

    F1 2019 FOV values

    I use this calculator, hope it can help you https://dinex86.github.io/FOV-Calculator/