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  1. pedrosdt

    Why does ERS die sometimes?

    You reached max ers spent per lap
  2. Hi Barry, should this has been fixed in 1.06 or is shuleduled for next patches?
  3. pedrosdt

    Safety car and race strategy

    I think the damage settings must be high to make the Sc appear. Try
  4. pedrosdt

    Patches topics

    Where can i find what has CM fixed when they update the Game? Thanks
  5. pedrosdt

    Covid-19 Season

    I think it's possible to make a 10 races calendar
  6. pedrosdt

    Time Trial not updating (xbox)

    In Xbox works deleting your own Ghost times in the track, in Ghost settings
  7. I can imagine all those people who were against inviting Friends enjoing the game waiting alone in s ranked 25% lobbys for anybody to connect. If they are lucky after 20 minutes they can play a race against another lonely player... The Game punishes clean drivers ... This is ridículous, the idea did not work. Just turn it back.
  8. pedrosdt

    Neutral gear is incorrect in all F1 games by CM

    This seem to be an easy to fix issue, please @BarryBL think about It for future patches Thanks,
  9. pedrosdt

    F1 2019 calibration screen

    It's the same icon as in my gearbox 4th speed.
  10. pedrosdt

    Racing line assist

    I was talking about a third assist option which could be added to which actually exist. Full racing line - conrners only - braking points -off It could help people in transition to turn the assist off, as the most difficult part (talking about me) was to memorize all the braking points at each corner of each gp. Just a point before the corner (maybe the x meters board in another colour, a paint mark in the floor, a different publicity in the wall, or just the first red mark of the only corners racing line assist) Better explained here
  11. pedrosdt

    Racing line assist

    I did it a couple months ago and I am enjoying the game at other level. Good for you. It would be great if CM could make an intermediate assist only marking the recommended braking points, it could help people turn this coloured snake off.
  12. pedrosdt

    Would you like to have an spotter

    I would be happy as well with mirrors, 3 screen support in xbox or any other solution that could help to have clean races Al least allow to move the proximity arrows to put them in other part of the screen. The fact is that the absence of any of these solutions is one (not the only) of the causes of the horrible multiplayer experience. I can stand less realism if I can enjoy more the game.