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  1. pedrosdt

    Logitech G920 Lsb Rsb Support [SG]

    Any news about this? Tanks
  2. pedrosdt

    A.I in the wet are still overpowered

    CM just need to watch 2019 Germany Gp. Maybe not as much but just a couple of ia Cars going slow and other two spinning
  3. If anyone else wants to contribute just pm a google account to give permissions. I wonder if the "fastest_laps" folder should be shared for all instead of inside each user folder, this way could be easy to find the faster lap in any circuit no matter the user. What do you think?
  4. Hi, Fernando Been using Iko Reins telemetry app for 1 week and recorded some laps, hope you can find them useful, i´m 2-3 secs slower than faster people, but maybe can help you somehow. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/18M4gPpaRgCSFpVuY8_JUak1FaSKxIkm2?usp=sharing If you give me a google acount (pm) i can give you edit permission so you can upload your own files.
  5. pedrosdt

    Driving without TC ABS Automatic

    Since I quit ABS it took me a month to drive as fast as before, but i can´t go further, its very hard to improve my lap time without any asist, i just drive the same lap times but more concentrated... The assist should help, but not as much as they do now, ABS and TC should be less efficient to force fast people to play with no assists.
  6. Hi Fernando, I would be interested in sharing files, i use racing sim tools to record telemetry, do you know if the file type (*.lap) is compatible with the software that you use?. Is that software free ? thanks. edit: Ok , i tried the software you use and it´s free but cant read *.lap files. Anyway i´ll try it for a few days and will see if I can adapt.
  7. pedrosdt

    Logitech G920 Lsb Rsb Support [SG]

    Thanks for the update hoo.
  8. Guys, there is a problem in a camera of México.... save_11~2.mp4
  9. pedrosdt

    F1 2019 leader board issue

    It happened to me as well, but i was suddenly fixed 5 minutes later. Xbox one. 1.12
  10. pedrosdt

    UDP Telemetry Application, require assistance

    Hi, You can find a lot of info in this thread.
  11. pedrosdt

    Sim Racing Telemetry available for download

    Hi, I tried Codemasters Proxy Server and had the same issue, it´s not possible to choose the same port in two IPs. Anyway, i finally turned on the broadcast mode in the UDP F1 2019 options and it worked, so i can have Sim Dashboard and Sim Racing Telemetry working at the same time in different devices (without proxy server so i don´t need the pc). I don´t know why i didn´t try this before.... Thanks a lot for your help.
  12. pedrosdt

    Sim Racing Telemetry available for download

    Hi I play in Xbox One and I use Sim Dashboard, i want to use SRT too and i think there is a solution wich involves the use of a pc (Sim Racing Proxy Server) wich allows to send de udp information to diferent IPs (in my case 2 android devices), but it forces me to choose diferent ports for each ip. I imagine that this solution should work if I can change SRT or Sim dashboard port to avoid conflicts (SD confirmed me it´s not possible now), so I hope you can add the feature in the future or correct me if you think i´m wrong. Thanks
  13. pedrosdt

    Sim Racing Telemetry available for download

    Hi, Is possible to use this app and a a sim dashboard in the same android device? Can i change the listening port in the app in order to make it run in another device? Thanks,
  14. pedrosdt

    Use the halo as a mirror

    Then it not seem to be very useful... Thanks
  15. pedrosdt

    Use the halo as a mirror

    Hi, Yesterday racing a Mercedes in Austria (cockpit cam) i noticed that i was watching the Cars behind me reflected in the halo. They shouldnt be there because parts of my car should be hidding them, but they we're clearly there. I know it's not a mirror but what configuration of colours in the multiplayer car would be the best to maximize reflections? I would prefer a good mirror as in iracing, but.... In the image there are no Cars but you can see clearly the track