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  1. I know this has been widely debated here, but wouldn't it be possible to receive at least one unique id per gametag, encoded or as codemasters consider that it doesn't put the privacy of the players at risk. If anyone can broadcast the list of gamertags to the entire world on twich, what is the problem with a person receiving it on a device at home? Thanks
  2. dont know why but monza seems to be a magnet for bugs. They can appear at any track but in monza is guaranteed
  3. Hi @BarryBL Recently we had an update (1.12) and players still suffer this issue. Do you still need more reports (i could ask some people to record them) or are you already on the way to fix it? The people I know who has this problem are most of them wifi conected, but they were also in f12019 with no issues. Thanks
  4. Hi Now that CM bought Slightlymad Studios could be possible to ask the guys who made these buttons work in Project Cars II. Other thing you could do is to add in the "compatible wheels and controllers" thread a note next to G920 warning that this device has a problem of lack o buttons compared to others devices...
  5. Hope this week is going to be the week that somebody can give us a serious answer to a 10 July question about two buttons that work properly in any other game
  6. Hi, @BarryBL Can you give us any update about this issue? these buttons work in other games, somehow must be possible to make them function properly. Thanks in advance.
  7. Hi, I tried Codemasters Proxy Server and had the same issue, it´s not possible to choose the same port in two IPs. Anyway, i finally turned on the broadcast mode in the UDP F1 2019 options and it worked, so i can have Sim Dashboard and Sim Racing Telemetry working at the same time in different devices (without proxy server so i don´t need the pc). I don´t know why i didn´t try this before.... Thanks a lot for your help.
  8. Hi I play in Xbox One and I use Sim Dashboard, i want to use SRT too and i think there is a solution wich involves the use of a pc (Sim Racing Proxy Server) wich allows to send de udp information to diferent IPs (in my case 2 android devices), but it forces me to choose diferent ports for each ip. I imagine that this solution should work if I can change SRT or Sim dashboard port to avoid conflicts (SD confirmed me it´s not possible now), so I hope you can add the feature in the future or correct me if you think i´m wrong. Thanks
  9. Hi, Is possible to use this app and a a sim dashboard in the same android device? Can i change the listening port in the app in order to make it run in another device? Thanks,
  10. Hi @Hoo Do you have good news for us? Thanks
  11. I am having issues when i use the ahead and behind penalties widget, not showing properly the penalty of these Cars. (0 instead of +3) . It works properly showing my own penalties and at the timetable widget. Could be something wrong ? Thanks, i LOVE this app
  12. Xbox one unranked 5 laps race Everybody was stucked except one car. Dont know why but after 5 minutes It worked properly and everybody did the race. save_1~5.mp4
  13. Has codemaster ever said anything about this issue?
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