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  1. pls see as a reference our race event (rookie series) from yesterday --> --- What you can see here are several things: multiple lobby bugs in unranked lobby host gets kicked - migration errors no connections possible for drivers league lobbys didnt work at all - no connections possible for the drivers during the race multiple unneccesary safety cars ghosting of cars even if they are in directs duells (collions are on!) It took almost 1h for us to get a working unranked lobby (which than had the bugs during the race)
  2. So here is a quick list of things we did and what did work... and what certainly didnt: Patch 1.21 - all new league lobbys League settings: league: on demand qualification: FULL Settings tested: Practice: Off / 30mins (Saving after practice worked!!) League Owner Competes: on / off Additional League Admins: none / 1 / 2 Reserves: Yes / No Reserves Scoring: Yes / No What Did work? --> Session save did work after Q3 for league lobbys (message popup and going back to the league menu) What didnt work? --> rejoining a saved lobby always had several side effects Side effects / additional bugs: rejoin errors (all errors occur when joining a saved lobby): often: errors with host migration during session loading screen often: the session no longer exists / not available directly after starting an event sometimes: instant lobby kick after joining sometimes: all other players in the lobby (even after they joined a lobby) are shown as AI neverending black screen during loading sequence we did several tests and also used the session save for our league racing lobby (each sunday 7 league races --> 7 lobbys all lobbys had the same issues not ONE lobby was able to load a saved session unranked lobbys had to be used, because league lobbys simple dont work as designed with 1.21 we encounter a lot more of connection issues with players in league lobbys a lot of crashes due to rubberbanding, lags - rejoining a lobby will make it even worse for others drivers are switching positions (1st, then last) due to connection issues with the lobby / lobby host PLEASE for the sake of league racing do offer dedicated league lobbys for f12020... the way f12019 league lobbys and unranked lobbys work is simply way too unstable. The last to weekend (prior 1.21 and now with 1.21) we had so many issues with the league lobbys that many of us got so frustrated, because we had to restart 2-3 times in EACH of our leagues... To the Devs: Just a simple but maybe VERY important question: Who is the "host" of the league lobby? the first one to join a lobby? always the league owner?
  3. We will test it asap... BUT THANK YOU FOR FIXING THIS SO QUICKLY !!!!!
  4. any update on this? any word from any dev?
  5. Hi all, as some other users here have also notices this severe BUG in private league lobbys. ---> Whenever "full qualifying" is selected you get stuck at the loading screen at the end of the Q1 session <--- The popup "continue to next session?" (or what its called) doesnt even show up!!! We did ~more then 20 different lobby tests with the new feature. it NEVER worked. Please fix this asap. We are in a league with ~200 Drivers and rely on the league lobby to work properly League settings: league: on demand qualification: FULL Settings tested (where the bug still exists): Practice: Off / 30mins (Saving after practice worked!!) League Owner Competes: on / off Additional League Admins: none / 1 / 2 Reserves: Yes / No Reserves Scoring: Yes / No Settings tested (where the league [with activated session saving] acutally worked): Qualification: One Shot / Short Side effects / additional bugs: IF the league lobby happend to be stuck at Q1, even with no league member in the lobby (owner is the only league member), the owner CANNOT reset the league (!!!) clicking "reset season" does nothing ReportCode is attached
  6. already posted sth way back in september, but wanted it to be added here 😉
  7. I uploaded all recent gamedays to my yt channel playlist.. you can watch em here:
  8. Hey everyone, I already mentioned it in another post. I created an event series in our online racing league with 4 challenges for each gameday. (Deathmatch/Battle Royal, All tyres, reverse, rain) Anyone who is interested can watch our streams on Twitch (twitch.tv/f1onlineligaTV3) {german 😅} We have a gameday tonight 7pm cest. The next ones will be on 17th oct and 25th oct. The finals are on Halloween (31th oct) If someone is interested in taking part in these series, just msg me on discord ( Iniets#4080) Cheerio 👋
  9. hey erveryone, a few weeks back while playing f1 career mode and participating in an online league for f1, I came across some ideas that I had to write down. The attached file is a draft, so its not final. I just wanted to share it with you guys. I'm grateful for any kind of feedback.. and maybe someone can hand this over to the devs (that would be amazing). Cheerio Steini F1 2019.pdf
  10. Thanks 💪.. I'm currently working in IT quality assurance and, as a gamer, I can't stop thinking about optimizing things 😅🙃 Would be great if a dev gets to see the document... So maybe a few of these ideas make it into the game.
  11. so we had our first gameday and the second starts tomorrow evening: 9pm CEST you can re-watch gameday1 here (german): part1: part 2:
  12. Hey everyone, I am currently working on implementing a team radio animation for our league racing streams. Whats the best and easiest way to simulate the team radio sound? Anyone can suggest a tool and maybe a preset for that tool to use for the drivers voice and the engineers voice? (they usually are a little different) Thanks for your ideas and help
  13. Iniets

    Team Radio with voice changer?

    i will definetly give it a try - thanks 🙂
  14. hahah^^ 😄 the "deathmatch idea" was something I thought about because in our online racing league i created an october challenger series with multiple challenges... one of which is a battle royal - deathmatch challenge 🙂 ... i will post about the event in a few days.. the first gameday will take part on 5th october and we do stream the event (in german though) And thanks for your feedback - really appreciated ❤️
  15. Iniets

    Team Radio with voice changer?

    I have an animation that pops up (activated via hotkey) during my f1 stream (using OBS). If I talk to people in discord I want my voice in my stream to sound like its a team radio (like during real f1 races) ..i was just wondering if there are plugins for OBS or some tools where i can produce this radio-ish like voice.. and it should be change "live" while streaming and not afterwards in an editing tool.. Last time i watched the f1 esports series they had exactly this for their live streams^^